Andy Divine prays for a Miracle. Political Observer comments

Headline:America Needs a Miracle

Andy Divine long ago lost the privilege of commenting on ‘race’ with his publication of this essay adapted from ‘The Bell Curve’ :

Andy’s surmise is that his contemporary readers , in the provincial world of New York Magazine, haven’t read it, and are probably indifferent on the matter. This audience addicted to being seen at the latest restaurant, becoming ‘fans’ of the ‘hottest’ television programs, the latest gossip or photos from the utterly vacuous world of the Kardashian’s, and the Sex Diaries essays, that proves that we can all can aspire to be our own Candace Bushnells! At the time of my reading of Mr. Divine’s commentary had 50 comments, some of which were quite impressive but here is my favorites:

dptrue 5 HOURS AGO

@andrewsullivan. How did “the Civil Rights Act upend the Constitution”?

Andy has made many self- reinventions -from Thatcherite, to Neo-Conservatism, to Neo-Liberal. But its always the same arrogant pronouncements. This time he presents the  possibility of redemption:

Headline: America Needs a Miracle

Hope comes from two books: Ezra Klein’s ‘Why We’re Polarized’ and Christopher Caldwell’s ‘The Age of Entitlement’ . As a former reader of Mr. Caldwell at The Financial Times:

I found his columns, if not just incomprehensible ramblings , a complete muddle of free floating chatter , in sum without argumentative anchor. But his book ‘Reflections on the Revolution In Europe: Immigration, Islam and The West  is reviewed at The New York Review of Books: The Big Muslim Problem! by Malise Ruthven (Pay Wall) is revelatory of Mr. Caldwell’s, what to call it?

The Big Muslim Problem!

Mr. Kline is not ‘Left’ but is a Liberal, in sum the kind of ‘guest’ always welcome on Corporate Media. And because of that, the perfect stand-in for the ‘Left’ in Andy’s World. While Andy has spent his time proselytizing  about these books, offering the mirage of redemption, he has missed the momentary ascendance of the Romney/Murkowski/Collins political alliance, that was about to render the solid Republican Majority in the Senate Impeachment Trial moot?

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