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@FinancialTimes: On Susan Glasser’s essay ‘Putin profits politically from wars and western apologists’: a comment by Political Observer

Not at all surprised that your Susan Glasser essay is absent a comments section: ‘Putin profits politically from wars and western apologists’ Even the Edward Luce essay of August 17, 2014:’Obama’s Hippocratic oath enfeebles his diplomacy’ was a more convincing and better written piece of propaganda, … Continue reading

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Further Thoughts on Mr. Strobe Talbott, by Political Cynic

I posted this on August 21, 2014: Political Cynic on Strobe Talbott Mr. Strobe Talbott is an historian who writes history made to self-serving ideological measure. His long paraphrases of the war mongering William Safire, in his opening paragraph serves … Continue reading

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Aaron David Miller : Failed Policy Intellectual Opines on Gaza Blitzkrieg, a comment by Political Realist

The failure of America’s policy intellectuals that inhabit both government and various ‘think tanks’ and front organizations is surly a phenomenon that defies…. Political Cynic Mr. Aaron David Miller is a man and Policy Intellectual who represents American failure in … Continue reading

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