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Episode CCCIL of The American Political Melodrama: Mr. William Kristol vs Senator Angus King by Political Observer

Why is the Republican Party headed straight to a permanent status as the party of daft plutocratic apologists, and craven imperial war mongers?(It almost sounds like a description of the New Democrats) But watch Mr. Bill Kristol, on ‘The Powerhouse … Continue reading

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Ross Douthat on the ‘New Reformers’ by Political Observer

Mr. Douthat continues in his rhetorical mood of fabulism, that he expressed in his essay Call Me Vlad , with his latest entry titled Good Populism, Bad Populism. In sum Mr. D. presents the argument that the Republican Nihilists are … Continue reading

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Current reading: The Allegiance of Thomas Hobbes by Jeffrey R. Collins

The Allegiance of Thomas Hobbes offers a revisionist interpretation of Thomas Hobbes’s evolving response to the English Revolution. It rejects the prevailing understanding of Hobbes as a consistent, if idiosyncratic, royalist, and vindicates the contemporaneous view that the publication of … Continue reading

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