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Mr. Ross Douthat’s latest thought experiment by Political Cynic

What a wonderful stew of Conservative chatter ,that only Mr. Douthat can throw together, and still maintain any notion of the coherent, as he puts his various ingredients into the pot. He then applies intellectual heat, of a kind, to … Continue reading

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Ross Douthat, Reza Aslan and The Quest for the Historical Jesus or The Misbegotten attempt of the Non-Believer by Political Cynic

Is it a surprise that Mr. Ross Douthat begins his New York Times essay of August 3, 2013 titled Return of the Jesus Wars with the titles of American movies as reference points? The Da Vinci Code, The Gospel of … Continue reading

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David Brooks’ Historical Revisionism: Neo-Conservatism as benign offspring of Progessivism and the New Deal? by Political Observer

Mr. Brooks latest essay at the New York Times titled ‘The Neocon Revival’  is what one always expects from him. A kind of political fiction that reflects a carefully managed set of assertions and quotations, that renders the notion of … Continue reading

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