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  1. Herr Mack: I appreciate your missives in Financial Times. What is the motivation however? And how can you live in a desert?

    • Mr. Murray,
      Thank you for your interest. My motivation is that I find the FT so much better than the NYT and other American newspapers, yet I can’t resist the opportunity to think out loud in the comments section. The wide range of regular columnists, and the occasional guests, from the Neo-Liberal and Neo-Conservative coteries make for challenging reading, and a whetstone against which I can sharpen/refine my own thoughts, and many times just explain to myself what I’ve just read. And I relish the polemical style of writing, its very effective in sharpening one’s views and engaging with other writers.
      My reading program keeps my mind active, and I am quite enthusiastic about slowly working my way through Proust’s selected letters, V.S. Pritchett’s literary essays, Cyril Connolly’s Evening Colonnade, Heidegger’s What is Called Thinking, and the highly challenging, but so rewarding intellectual history of the Western Philosophical Tradition as it relates to the thought of Heidegger and his precursors: Heidegger: On Being and Acting, From Principals to Anarchy by Reiner Schürmann. This book is in the same class as Between Kant and Hegel,Lectures on German Idealism by Dieter Henrich or Heidegger’s Roots,Nietzsche, National Socialism, and the Greeks by Charles Bambach.
      Plus, since Nikkei has acquired ownership of the FT, they have relaxed the rules about copying and pasting parts of FT essays, as probably a strategy for ‘building their brand’. I used to post comments at The Economist, but FT is much more diverse in their choice of guest writers and the Wolf,Luce,Rachman,Barber stable of regular columnists.
      As I write to you this morning, its raining here in ‘the desert’ and its in the low 60’s or 50’s in terms of temperature. But the weather has been very beautiful, clear and dry with temps in the 70’s, and sometimes near 80, with a cool winter wind that lets you know that it is winter in Southern California. This allied to the time change,it gets dark soon after 5:00 PM PST, and I miss the sun going down at 8:00 PM PDT or later in summer.
      Best regards,

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