My reply to Wenren @FT April 26 2019

The bumptious Canadian Frontiersman Jordan Peterson has become the latest, in a long line of moral/political reactionaries, defending the waning power of the ubiquitous White Male, and his ebbing control over the lesser beings of the planet.

It is no surprise that he would mount a campaign against The New-New Dealers in the Democratic Party Ilhan Omar , Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Rashida Tlaib. Not to forget Tulsi Gabbard & Bernie Sanders as part of the reformer coterie. Peterson and ally defend the New Democrats i.e. Neo-Liberals who are the ‘hard-working mainstays’ of the Party of The Clinton’s i.e. Reaganites in Democratic Party Drag.

The Democrats will lose in 2020 because they will nominate Hillary Clinton or her clone, the current number of candidates is now 20? while ignoring the Reformers, that Peterson and his co-author find so insidious. While Rep. Nadler and his House allies fritter away their political capital on the Impeachment mirage.

That Mr. Peterson has gained fame, and or infamy, with his war on the self-invented ghost of ‘Marxist Post-Modernism’ ,while framing his own work in psychology in ‘Jungian Archetypes’ produces credulity of the most insidious kind in his acolytes. That leads some to believe that he is a Prophet, indeed a Visionary. Such is Mr. Peterson’s new status that he was asked to write an introduction to Aleksander Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago 1918-56. Stephen Kotkin voices a telling critique of  Peterson,  full time political/ cultural hysteric , in the TLS:

(The clinical psychologist Jordan B. Peterson contributes a new  twelve-page foreword excoriating Marxism, which in its banalities adds nothing to Ericson’s original foreword.)

P.S. Note that Mr. Kotkin’s remark on Peterson is parenthetical!

Your last statement gives the game away,  the preposterous ‘as if’ being, that the Posh Boys at the Financial Times,are callabos via an ‘apotheosis of certain Democratic outliers’ firmly places you in Trump Political territory!







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