Andy Divine depends on the ignorance of his readers, Episode MCCVII: On Concentration Camps & more pressing Evils. Old Socialist comments

I’ll bypass the first two installments of the Mr. Divine’s encyclical of June 21, 2019:

The Next Step for Gay Pride

The Trump Code

I’ll just read this next segment of moral shaming with which Andy confronts his readers:

The Totalitarian Nightmare the World Is Ignoring

I don’t want a new Cold War with China. But it is, in my view, an evil regime, and we should have no illusions about that. Twitter has been having a great time this past week parsing whether detention camps for illegal immigrants in the United States should be called “concentration camps.” In China, this debate might seem somewhat beside the point. Over a million Muslims who have crossed no border and committed no crimes are being taken from their homes en masse and subjected to brainwashing in vast camps and compounds from which there is no escape. Watch this excellent new BBC piece on these “thought transformation camps” — and feel the fear everywhere. The BBC was given access to a show camp, which is creepy enough. We can only imagine what goes on in the hidden ones.

Somehow Andy has become an expert on ‘concentration camps’: now Andy isn’t very adroit about his attack on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her very welcome plain speaking on the concentration camps used by ICE to hold the Mestizo Hordes ,that are invading the land of Anglo-Protestant virtue, as articulated by that American political hysteric Samuel P. Huntington: in his Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity. The separation of children/infants from their parents , not to speak of caging these human beings, is an action used by Trump and his minions: ‘Give me your tired,your poor ,your huddled masses…’! An utter betrayal of ‘American Values’ ?

Andy likes to engage in the time honored tradition of One-up-man-ship pioneered by Stephen Potter. Virtue signalling is the current term of abuse, but Potter’s old stand-by fully describes Andy’s dull-witted practice . His argument:  You’ve averted your eyes from the ‘Evil Chinese Regime‘  for too long -its Human Rights abuses! In sum, the Concentration Camps used by ICE are by comparison to the Chinese Regime’s forms of oppression/re-education are evil, while the human rights abuses practiced by ICE are subject to a kind of pseudo- apologetic! In sum,  the crimes of ICE are minimized in comparison to the Chinese.


On the left, we worry about Islamophobia, or we expend our energies protesting the oppression of Palestinians by Israel’s occupation. On the right, we talk of religious freedom too often as if it only applies to Christians or Jews.

Yet, here is a man and writer whose moral/political enthusiasms for ‘The Bell Curve’ and the War in Iraq are facts that Andy can’t overcome. At least with his readers whose memories reach back to Andy’s reprehensible political past.  Andy achieves his ends by means of hectoring moralizing, in service to Andy’s pathological egotism, wedded to his political nihilism.

Old Socialist


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Episode CXX of the Kamala Harris Political Melodrama @politico. Old Socialist comments

America’s political Gossip Sheet supplies more of the Kamala Harris political melodrama. One of Senile Old Joe’s advisors, on his VP pick, is former Senator Chris Dodd. Political sclerotics rule the roost! Poor Kamala f’d upped when she attacked Joe on his school busing opposition, back in the day, with that ‘I was that girl’ merde! This featured the almost tearful, anguished accusation against a Party Elder, Great Television! It almost matched her AIPAC performance, when she declared that instead of selling Girl Scout cookies she raised money for Israel. How could that be ‘fact checked’?     

Read the list of California New Democratic supporters for Harris:

‘The conference call included several of the state’s highest-ranking elected officials and labor and business leaders, including Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis, Secretary of State Alex Padilla, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, state schools chief Tony Thurmond, state Treasurer Fiona Ma and Chad Griffin, a Democratic consultant and former head of Human Rights campaign, according to organizers.’

The Biden loyalists:

‘Representing the Biden campaign were the four main members of his vetting team: Dodd, Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester of Delaware, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti; and Biden’s former White House and Senate counsel, Cynthia Hogan

That Trump is vile is an understatement, but Senile Old Joe is just one step behind him, as are the rest of the benighted New Democrats, and their allies the Neo-Cons and the  Bush coterie’s ‘The Lincoln Project’ .The ‘Party of Lincoln’ was interred with him!

Old Socialist

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Andy Divine, Heretic Hunter: Queer Atheist comments

In the Catholic Tradition the search for heretics dates from its beginning.  The reader could profitably start her inquiry with James J. O’Donnell’s Augustine: A New Biography that provides a record of his campaigns against sects that he identified as heretical:  Donatism, Manicheanism, Pelagianism. Note that Augustine was a follower of Manicheanism for nine years. Augustine lived from 354 AD to 430 A.D. and came of age after the First Council of Nicaea that is dated at 325 AD.

Andy Divine, as a devout Catholic, is steeped in that tradition of exposing these heretical sects. He transmogrifies that Tradition via his expression of  ire and contempt for political deviants, that exist in his over heated imagination. In this episode of his blog he features “Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything About Race, Gender and Identity,” by  James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose. The allusion to ‘Critical Theory’ is glaringly obvious.  

What is truly astounding about this paragraph is the ‘Critical Theory’ as advocated by Horkheimer and Adorno and ‘Post-Modernism’ are antithetical!  

What the book helps the layperson to understand is the evolution of postmodern thought since the 1960s until it became the doctrine of Social Justice today. Beginning as a critique of all grand theories of meaning—from Christianity to Marxism—postmodernism is a project to subvert the intellectual foundations of western culture. The entire concept of reason—whether the Enlightenment version or  even the ancient Socratic understanding—is a myth designed to serve the interests of those in power, and therefore deserves to be undermined and “problematized’ reason whenever possible. Postmodern theory does so mischievously and irreverently—even as it leaves nothing in reason’s place. The idea of objective truth—even if it is viewed as always somewhat beyond our reach—is abandoned. All we have are narratives, stories, whose meaning is entirely provisional, and can in turn be subverted or problematized.

This abstract, and two page preview, points to this disingenuous attempt at the amalgamation of the utterly antithetical: 

During the 1980s Jürgen Habermas and other theorists associated with the critical theory of the Frankfurt School emerged as key critics of postmodern theory.1 Habermas carried out polemics against Derrida, Foucault, and postmodern theory, while his associates polemicized against Lyotard (Honneth 1985; Benhabib 1984), Foucault (Honneth 1986), Derrida (McCarthy 1989), and other postmodern theorists. The polemics have often obscured some interesting similarities, in addition to important differences, between the postmodern theories and critical theory. Both critical theory and much postmodern theory agree in important ways in their critiques of traditional philosophy and social theory. Both attack the academic division of labour which establishes fixed boundaries between regions of social reality, and both utilize supradisciplinary discourses. Both carry out sharp critiques of modernity and its forms of social domination and rationalization. Both combine social theory, philosophy, cultural critique, and political concerns in their theories and, unlike more academic theories, some versions of both attempt to orient theory toward practice, and discourse toward politics. Both critical and post-modern theory have engaged in heated polemics against each other, and have been synthesized with feminist theory.

Andy Divine is first, as always, disingenuous, not to speak of intellectually lazy, but his strategy is self-serving, presenting himself as not just a writer, but a ‘pundit’. His  polemic, against the degrading of political/intellectual standards, is exemplary of his failure to meet anything other than the imperatives of propaganda.

Queer Atheist 






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On The Futurism of Edward Luce & Bret Stephens. Political Observer Comments

Futurism is now in vogue, as a tool for Pundits to enliven their jejune commentaries, an ersatz touchstone predicated on the imagination, rather than demonstrable fact.
Read Bret Stephens’ latest New York Times essay, as a necessary proof of the popularity of this journalistic sub-genre:

‘If Donald Trump stages another come-from-behind victory in November — helped, in all likelihood, by the collapse of public order in American cities — the Republican Party will become an oddity for the Trump Organization: the only entity it owns but does not brand. Not only will Trump remain in office for another term, but the Trumpers will also dominate the G.O.P. for another generation.

Look for Tom Cotton to be the likely nominee in 2024 (with — why not? — Laura Ingraham as his running mate).

Mr. Luce’s iteration of that Futurism: 

It is late October and Donald Trump has a surprise for you. Unlike the traditional pre-electioIn shock — involving war or imminent terrorist attack — this revelation is about hope rather than fear. The “China virus” has been defeated thanks to the ingenuity of America’s president. The US has developed a vaccine that will be available to all citizens by the end of the year. Get online and book your jab.

It is possible Mr Trump could sway a critical slice of voters with such a declaration. The bigger danger is that he would deepen America’s mistrust of science. A recent poll found that only half of Americans definitely plan to take a coronavirus vaccine. Other polls said that between a quarter and a third of the nation would never get inoculated.

Mr. Luce studiously avoids, in his pertinent, informative essay the part that Christian Fundamentalism has played. The Creationist Museum is a touchstone of the Anti-Science movement. But Mr. Luce also fails to factor in a very important component: the fact that Government has been guilty of the most egregious lies, to rationalize its actions. The reader need only look to the propaganda barrage, that preceded the ‘Iraq War’ , to see in detail that ‘Government’ is untrustworthy, to state it as blandly as possible. ‘Government’ had a very powerful ally in Corporate Media, which repeated these lies as if they were truth! 

Political Observer             

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Neo-Con Bret Stephens’ ‘Futurism’ is about a strategic re-write of the Political Present. Old Socialist comments

Headline:What Will a Post-Trump G.O.P. Look Like?

Sub-headline: And consider, what will it take for the Republican Party to begin to heal itself?

Whenever Mr. Stephens predicts the political future, its a signal, that he hasn’t got too much to say about our political present, that isn’t in need of his self-interested re-write, to reach his conception of cogency.

The first paragraph of his polemic is framed by ‘if’ , and what will happen ‘if’ Trump is re-elected, and a report on  the collapse of public order in American cities ‘ in the present, as some kind of object lesson, instructive of not ‘a future’ but of ‘the future’ , and an actual ‘political present’,  that leads to an exploitable confusion: Neo-Cons specialize in fomenting exploitable chaos.      

If Donald Trump stages another come-from-behind victory in November — helped, in all likelihood, by the collapse of public order in American cities — the Republican Party will become an oddity for the Trump Organization: the only entity it owns but does not brand. Not only will Trump remain in office for another term, but the Trumpers will also dominate the G.O.P. for another generation.

Note the use of the word ‘brand’ one of the hallmarks of Neo-Liberalism’s toxic vocabulary. 


Look for Tom Cotton* to be the likely nominee in 2024 (with — why not? — Laura Ingraham as his running mate).

And if Trump loses? Then the future of the party will be up for grabs. It’s time to start thinking about who can grab it, who should, and who will.

Interpretive ambiguities in the 12th Amendment and the Electoral Count Act of 1887 could deadlock the House and the Senate. We could have two self-declared presidents on the eve of next year’s inauguration.

Continuing to read Stephens’ ‘Futurism’, in the political present, is to realize pessimism, at its most hyperbolic, or just call it by its name, fear-mongering.  About a future that none of us can know or predict. Mr. Stephens writes a carefully garnished History of A Future, made to measure, in the political present. As I said, Neo-Cons, specialize in fomenting exploitable chaos.

Old Socialist

*Tom Cotton is a student of Harvey Mansfield’s and protege of Bill Kristol! He and Stephens are fellow travelers!    





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@FT Trump,NATO and European Self-emancipation. Philosophical Apprentice comments

Headline:US to pull nearly 12,000 troops out of Germany

Sub-headline: Trump administration’s move set to exacerbate tensions within Nato

But critics have warned US withdrawal would undermine a strong symbol of Washington’s commitment to its European allies and embolden Russia, which has in the past been keen to exploit divisions between Nato members.

Richard Fontaine, chief executive of the Center for a New American Security think-tank, said the decision was “a mistake”.

“The administration has offered no real rationale for the change other than as retribution for a Germany it sees as insufficiently committed to defence spending,” he said, adding that shifting units and installations from Germany to other European countries would be costly and undermine efforts to unify Nato allies.

The opinion of Richard Fontaine chief executive of ‘Center for a New American Security’ as a disinterested/objective ‘expert’ on this question is dubious, at best:

Founded in 2007, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) is widely considered to be an important source of national security and military analysis for the Obama administration, particularly with respect to counterinsurgency strategy (COIN). Described by the Los Angeles Times as “a haven for hawkish Democrats,”[1] CNAS calls itself an “independent and nonpartisan research institution” that aims to engage “policymakers, experts, and the public with innovative fact-based research, ideas, and analysis to shape and elevate the national security debate.”[2] 

Center for a New American Security

The question of ‘Europe’s self defence’ has been answered by Macron, in 2018:   

Headline:France’s Macron pushes for ‘true European army’

Sub-headline: French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that Europeans cannot be protected without a “true, European army”, as he marks the centenary of the World War One Armistice.

On a visit to the former Western Front in Verdun, he said Russia had shown it could be a threat and Europe had to be able “to defend itself better alone”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel backed the idea of an intervention force in June, but said it would have to be part of “the structure of defence co-operation”.

Further in this news story, that not only embraces Russian revanchism but also  “…increasingly aggressive Chinese posture in the Mediterranean, in south-eastern Europe”. The New Cold War is on two fronts, that is the purview of  NATO?

While critics said the move was likely to embolden Russian ambitions in Europe, a senior defence official said relocating troops would allow the US to react to “very aggressive Russian activity . . . and also increasingly aggressive Chinese posture in the Mediterranean, in south-eastern Europe”.

This newspaper offers Brookings’ Thomas Wright’s ‘psychological evaluation of Trump’ as relevant, which it may be. Yet, the Eastern edge of The American Empire’s reach is now an anachronism, except to those who would fight a New Cold War with Russia and China. When will it be time, for a very prosperous Europe, to emancipate itself from American tutelage?          

Thomas Wright, an expert in transatlantic relations at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think-tank, said: “This is all to do with Donald Trump’s deep-seated psychological hostility to Germany in general and Angela Merkel in particular. There’s no strategy.”

Philosophical Apprentice




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@PeterBeinart clearly demonstrates that he is a practitioner of ‘Patriarchal Attitudes’. Queer Atheist comments

‘Given Mr. Trump’s epic blunders, inoffensiveness may be enough to propel the former vice president to the White House. But it’s a lot easier to be inoffensive when you’re a man.’

Eva Figes’ book was published in 1970:

Queer Atheist 

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Steph Umbert’s vision of America’s political future. Philosophical Apprentice comments

Steph Umbert is a new name in the Neo-Conservative coterie , at least to me, presents his  ‘vision of the future’ garishly decorated, with the most bizarre iteration about the Post-Modern, since the American Intellectual Provincials ,George F. Will and David Brooks, attacked Richard Rorty in 1998. Not since then, has there been such a clear demonstration of American Intellectual Know-Nothingism.

Writing in Newsweek, George Will commented last week that the book “radiates contempt for the country.” (Perhaps more to the point, it radiates.) And in the most recent issue of the Weekly Standard, David Brooks contends that the book’s criticism of the left is merely the latest in a succession of moves designed to advance the author’s academic career. Brooks accuses Rorty of being a “pseudo-deviant” who poses as a critic of academic radicals while really congratulating them.

Mr. Umbert’s concept of ‘Post-Modern warpath’ is pure agitprop . The following paragraph is a History Made To Measure of ‘Post-Modernism’. Yet Umbert’s attempt at political rehabilitation doesn’t just fail , it takes its place beside the political hysterics of Jordan Peterson, and his shtick. The Prophets of this intellectual vogue, Jacques Derrida died in 2004 and Richard Rorty in 2007, have passed from the intellectual/political scene. But they remain, in the political present, the touch-stones of political hysterics.     

Postmodernism, the Hydra in question, is a school of thought whose essence is captured in its rejection of absolute truth—ironically itself an absolute position—and whose directive is regime change. Unlike Postmodernism, neither Enlightenment Liberalism nor Marxism rejected absolute truth, though they did differ on what “the truth” was. As a result, Postmodernism is thoroughly anti-logos in the senses of language, logic, and divinity. Postmodernism was born in the 1960s as an evolution of Marxist philosophy to disillusioned, largely French, Marxist philosophers—Jean Baudrillard, Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari, Jean-François Lyotard, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, et cetera—and for this reason is considered a post-Marxist or neo-Marxist school of thought. Key to understanding the Hydra and its heads, which assail America at present, are two developments which arose within the Marxist school of thought in the 1920s: the concept of Cultural Hegemony, developed by former General Secretary of the Italian Communist Party Antonio Gramsci, and the tool of Critical Theory, developed as part of the Frankfurt School of thought associated with the Institute for Social Research. This pair of concept and tool were retained and developed by Postmodernism into an approach of deconstruction which Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò identified, in a recent letter to President Donald Trump, as the untruth of Alchemy, the adage of Freemasonry, the motto of Baphomet: “Solve et Coagula,” meaning “dissolve and coagulate.” Solvent is to be applied totally in order to bring about total regime change. Nothing is exempt, including the “hard sciences,” as evidenced by the experiences of biologists Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying.

The last two paragraphs of his essay are awash in political necromancy, that is the sine qua non of Neo-Conservatism’s endemic mendacity, tinctured in nihilism. By way of  Strauss and Schmitt. To frame it in Pop Culture terms, Mr. Umbert reads from ‘Scroll of Thoth’, an incantation to bring the Hydra of Post-Modernism back to vivid, self-serving political life.          

Even if the Democratic nominee for president—presumably Joe Biden, though that’s a whole discussion in itself—wins, civil violence would still have a purpose after Inauguration Day: to keep the Democratic Party on a Postmodern warpath. Although the Hydra does ultimately intend to destroy the Democratic Party, the institution remains useful for now and its establishment has chosen appeasement. If President Trump were to win reelection, it goes without saying—and I put the chances of reelection at 80 percent or greater. Compounding the volatility in either eventuality, the election results will be called into question. Both sides are already positioning themselves to cry “mail-in ballot fraud” or “foreign interference.”

Stipulating that the population-wide fear of job loss dissipates at the end of spring—I expect that the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic will sufficiently lift around then—civil violence will carry on into the summer before ultimately being quashed before autumn, regardless of who occupies the White House.

Philosophical Apprentice 



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@EdwardGLuce on Fighting The New Cold War on the Second Front of Trumpology. Old Socialist comments

Headline: Donald Trump’s little green men

Sub-headline: US president wants to ignite a cultural war to save his re-election campaign

Here is Mr. Luce’s clumsy attempt to make a usable political amalgam of Putin The Terrible/The New Cold War and Trump. Two Tyrants in Posh Boy Time?

They wore no badges, drove unidentified vehicles and whisked people off into the night. Vladimir Putin’s “little green men” were a tool of Russian hybrid warfare: everyone knew who gave the orders but there was plausible deniability.

Portland, Oregon is neither Crimea nor eastern Ukraine. But Donald Trump is playing similar mind games with America’s cities. Russia’s state media claimed Russian-speaking civilians were slaughtered in the Donbass. Mr Trump says America’s cities are “far worse than Afghanistan”. The US’s urban carnage is caused by thugs, killers and violent anarchists, he said.

Again Putin is Mastermind, in all his mendacious, murderous evil, of a long Hollywood Tradition: from old movie serials, to the political hysterics of ‘The Manchurian Candidate’,under the direction of John Frankenheimer. Only what is lacking in the Luce iteration is the recognition of political hysteria of late 1950’s and 1960’s America. In the watershed of McCarthy, and his fellow travelers, in both political parties, and a culture riven with carefully cultivated fear. The twin evils of the  Soviet Union and ‘Red China’ were featured in Hollywood melodramatic kitsch that always featured ‘Stars’! Mr. Luce’s cast lacks that cinematic shimmer: Grifter Trump and cognitively deficient Old Joe.    

Here is Mr. Luce’s diagnosis of today’s demonstrations. Mr. Luce being born in 1968 has no actual memory, of the decades on which he offers his considered opinion: Chicago 1968 is in the history books. Some of us watched the Daily’s Police Riot, on television, when Luce was in diapers!  

First, the protesters must step up to the role he has allotted them. Most are not obliging. By the standards of the 1960s and 1970s, today’s protests are mild. 

Trump has committed a devastating political blunder, of sending in Federal Troops, first to Portland, and then to plan to send these troops to Chicago and Albuquerque. The ‘optics’, to use a descriptor favored by the for rent political technocrat, of these attacks upon the Mothers in Portland, can only become more intensified in Chicago, and Albuquerque. 

Mr. Luce ends his essay in the political/rhetorical safety of the interrogative, and the notion that  Biden will ‘win’ in November, with a quote from ‘American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist’ Maya Angelou.

What effect would Mr Trump’s agents have on voters in crowded neighbourhoods? The question answers itself. Polls suggest he will probably lose to Mr Biden in November. The novelist Maya Angelou, said: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Mr Trump keeps telling us he will not go quietly into the night.

Old Socialist 



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@FT My reply to Chocoleibnitz.

You must grant, that Mr. Drost, doesn’t just know what the reactionary coterie’s of political actors, within both the Republican and New Democrat parties, are not thinking, because that endeavor might just trigger an inconvenient moral/ethical impulse, while strategizing for the future, that doesn’t carry unwanted baggage!
Kamala Harris, who once advocated the jailing of the parents of truant school children, and laughed about it, would be the perfect running mate for Biden. His record of Senate  speeches, awash in racist tropes, are easily available on YouTube.

As a voter in the coming election, a number of question occur, one that demands an answer, how will a Debate between Biden and Trump further the Biden Campaign? Is there an answer to that? Biden is unable to construct a viable simple sentence. This and so many other question will be answered in time.

Trump put Federal Agents in Portland with devastating political consequences, Chicago and Albuquerque are next. This marks the Political Waterloo of Trump? These Federal agents attacking The Mothers Cadre is Trump’s fatal political blunder! Trump has willfully forgotten, that he is not on the set of ‘The Apprentice’, and under the editorial supervision of dreck merchant Mark Bennett: there are no retakes in lives of real people: ‘You’re Fired’ , freeze frame and rolling credits.       





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@FT The New Cold War is a Profit Center. Old Socialist comments

The New Cold War held aloft by a 55 page ‘report’ , with very impressive coterie, of the members in good standing, of the British National Security State. Instead of something even resembling ‘evidence’ ! In sum, a ‘Bill Attainder’ , that has a long despicable history in England/Britain.
The ‘document’ is a simulacrum of an actual Investigation, with the appropriate elisions, in the name of ‘National Security’.
This newspaper also published ‘evidence free’ declamations of Jeremy Corbyn on his purported ‘Anti-Semitism’, as if any of it were ‘true’.
Never fear, the Defense and Security agencies will experience a strategic injection of cash, while more urgent needs remain un-met.
The New Cold War is a ‘Profit Center’

Old Socialist

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