Political Reporter riffs on a theme from Edward Luce

Can the reader of his latest essay wonder, has Mr. Luce discovered the 99%? If so, it qualifies as a belated victory for the Scruffy Hippiedom of Occupy Wall Street! So much for my lapse into the hyperbolic. Mr. Luce carefully lays out the likely next steps in the Trump/Bannon project of Economic Nationalism: this notion reeks of the most unsavory historical connotations.

Over the weekend the New Democrats have chosen the respectable Neo-Liberal Tom Perez to lead the Party. For some very informative background on the contest between Perez and Ellison see this Intercept report:


Why would I mention this election in regards to the Trump advocacy of an Economic Nationalist Agenda? Mr. Perez is the candidate of the Clinton/Brazil/Wassermann-Schultz, not forgetting Leon Panetta , faction of the New Democrats: a perpetuation of the ‘Old Guard’. The political corollary of the Pelosi/ Schumer congressional leadership.

How can the New Democrats hope to even mount an opposition to the Trump /Bannon political project, when they are still beholden to the utterly corrupt Clinton/Brazil/Wassermann-Schultz leadership? Who have willfully discarded the New Deal mantle of reform, in favor of being New Democrats, which is in fact a cosmetically enhanced Reaganism.

If the election of Perez tells the reader anything, it is that the New Democrats will be defeated in 2018, and if they persist in their addiction to the Clinton Neo-Liberalism, a defeat in 2020 is also very likely.

The formation of the ‘Resistance’, that has its root in the Clinton Apologists endless propagandizing, in the hope of Impeaching Trump, seems very unlikely with both Houses of Congress controlled by Republicans. The desperation of those apologists is such that Rachel Maddow condemned Jill Stein for her silence on the Russian Question:


Even given the Russian/Trump connection, and a pending congressional investigation, led by Republicans. Trump seems to be playing into the hands of the ‘resisters’ by his banning of the New York Times,CNN and Politico from White House briefings.Trump, the Peronist, doesn’t even rely on other political actors in creating exploitable political chaos, he creates it himself by banning reporters, and posting on twitter.

Yet the New Democrats refuse to confront the fact that the Neo-Liberal Age is over, in the 9th year of the watershed of the Economic Calamity of 2008. Reform or die, that is the stark choice that the New Democrats refuse to acknowledge. Could their adamant refusal to confront reality be the predictor of the rise of the Greens?

Political Reporter





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