Janan Ganesh celebrates the premature death of the Labour Party, Almost Marx comments

The unspoken declaration of Mr. Ganesh’s latest essay is: I’ve come to bury Labour/Corbyn not to praise them- I paraphrase. In the project of Neo-Liberal self-rescue, one of the most popular forms that that project takes is of misdirection. So the argument that Mr. Ganesh makes, out of his political desperation, is the descriptive headline: ‘Under Corbyn, the Labour party saunters into history’s mausoleum’ and its sub-headline ‘Its decline is a loss for the world as well as a tragedy for UK politics’.

Mark Twain  famously remarked that:‘The report of my death was an exaggeration.’ The premature news that Labour is ‘sauntering’ into history’s mausoleum’ garnished with the crocodile tears of ‘a tragedy for UK politics’ is the ersatz wit of a columnist in a desperate search for a subject.

Voila! If it isn’t ‘The Rebellion Against The Elites’, or ‘Populism’ there is always ‘The Left’ as the free floating specter, that haunts the waking and sleeping life of the Capitalists everywhere: Marx and Engels or their modern day equivalent Jeremy Corbyn?

Note just the mention of Neo-Thatcherite Tony Blair, he can be viewed in the context of Ganesh’s near funeral oration for the Labour Party as an aspirational, even an ideal political figure   If it was the heyday of print journalism, I’d say that the Ganesh’s  column was destined for the bottom of a bird cage, in the servant’s quarters of some tony London address. If in the Victorian Age, perhaps Dorian Grey’s? 

Almost Marx


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