Edward Luce & Rana Foroohar in ‘The Swamp’. Political Observer comments

There is no more appropriate place for Edward Luce than ‘The Swamp’ ! He supplies the usual ‘horse race’ handicapping of the approaching Iowa Primary as if by wrote, its a well traveled rhetorical path for Corporate Media ‘reporters’ . He then, like the good teacher, has a list of recommendations to his readers. Not surprising they are his colleagues and fellow travelers, except for Anne Applebaum who is a Neo-Conservative  in Liberal Drag. This disguise is favorite of politicians/thinkers like Christina Freeland, Michael Ignatieff ,  Samantha Power and Timothy Snyder.

‘The Swamp’ a shared responsibility between Luce and Rana Foroohar. And perhaps because she is the least senior member of the Financial Times staff , she engages in, what is not surprising, the use of an anonymous inside source, whose information proves that Sanders is unfit for the Presidency:

I’ve heard from people very close to Sanders (including some who campaigned with him last time around) that he is totally authentic, and yet completely ill equipped to work with others. To quote one person from that former team, “he can’t really be in a room with more than three people at a time”. And that’s coming from someone who is deeply committed to Sanders policy prescriptions. Not good for a future president.

According to the Corporatist Mythology Sanders isn’t ‘a multi-tasker‘! The most necessary talent for any employee in American business. Should the reader recall Reagan’s penchant for snoozing? or Nixon’s law breaking, or his drinking problem?

The above was just the windup for Foroohar, who then attacks Millennials as natural Socialists:

That said, these aren’t ordinary times. Millennials want wealth redistribution. Sanders is promising it. He may be the one to bring them out — and bring out the existential fight within the party that the Republicans have already gone through. As for Des Moines, I’m giving it a miss . . .

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In reply to Paul A. Myers

Isn’t Gavin Newsome the perfect Democratic candidate that the Party is looking for? The Democrats haven’t had a near ‘charismatic’ candidate since John Tunney.  The two ‘stars’ of that Party Feinstein in her last term, a Clinton stalwart, and Boxer attacking Sanders from the periphery of retirement?

This from Neo-Con Bret Stephens:

‘Barbara Boxer minces no words when it comes to describing the people usually known as the Bernie Bros — a subset of Bernie Sanders supporters who hope to take over the Democratic Party and remake it in their image.
“There is so much negative energy; it’s so angry,” says the former four-term Democratic senator from California. “You can be angry about the unfairness in the world. But this becomes a personal, deep-seated anger at anyone who doesn’t say exactly what you want to hear.”
I ran into Boxer earlier this week and got to talking about a superb report in The Times by my colleagues Matt Flegenheimer, Rebecca R. Ruiz and Nellie Bowles: “Bernie Sanders and His Internet Army.” The piece briefly mentions a 2016 incident in which Boxer went to Nevada to try to unify the party after Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders in the state’s caucus.’


Stephens gives reactionary Republicanism a bad name, but he can’t resist defaming Sanders. ‘Socialism’ is the dirty word in American Politics, while we exist in the ‘Gig Economy’ that followed the Depression bought on by the collapse of the Neo-Liberal Swindle of 2008.

Newsome performing those  ‘Gay Marriages’ as Mayor of San Francisco had my ‘fellow’ ‘Gays’ in a state of rapture, a bit hyperbolic, but not by much. Its too bad he is Old Money, although he almost meets the lowest possible standard for ‘dashing’ in Hollywood terms.
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