The Argentine/IMF Economic Melodrama never ends in the pages of The Financial Times. Political Observer comments ?

Can there be any doubt that Macri’s ‘Neo-Liberalism Lite’ has been an utter failure! Was the peso in near free fall the first indicator, that de Kirchner would be returning to office, in her very adroit political trompe l’oeil as vice-president? The ‘judgement’ of the ‘technocrats’ at the IMF has proven to be in the category of the non-existent.
Or should the reader look to the firing of Alfonso Prat-Gay in 2016, as the signal, ignored by those very ‘technocrats’?

Headline: Argentina finance minister axed on economic uncertainty

Sub-headline: President requests resignation of Prat-Gay due to ‘differences’ in department

The ‘experts’ that Mr. Mander presents are impressive, except that the current employers of his coterie might offer a clue as to the economic/political loyalties?

‘said Fernanda Vallejos, an economist and congresswoman for the province of Buenos Aires,’

‘said Martín Redrado, a former Argentine central bank governor.’

‘said one veteran observer.’

‘warned Daniel Marx, a former finance secretary’

Political Observer



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