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Thank you for posing your comment in a more comprehensible form! My first observation is that the French, for want of more accurate descriptor, flirtation with Neo-Liberalism – I would suggest that you begin here, with The French Way: How France Embraced and Rejected American Values and Power by Richard F. Kuisel (The ‘as if’ is that somehow Neo-Liberalism reflects ‘American Values’ ,this almost comic!):

Begin on page 21 for some insights about pragmatic/opportunistic  embrace of the Free Market Mythology,  from Mitterrand, and other contemporary French politicians, as they adapted some of the ideas/features of the prevailing Thatcher/Reagan Free Marketism. This provides, at least to me, a necessary political context that renders the central conceit of his authoritarian  ‘Jupertarian Politics’  as not sui generis!

Unlike Macri, who offered the Argentines Neo-Liberalism Lite, Macron offer the shopworn Neo-Liberal Trinity: Austerity,cuts in Social Services, and onerous Taxes on indispensable commodities. None of this a surprise for this ideologue, énarque  and former Banker, whose rise to power was predicated on 36.5% spoiled/uncountable  ballots, celebrated in this and other Corporatist Newspapers, as a victory: that enshrined a licence to steal, not to say destroy the ‘Welfare State’.

Except for the escalating political intervention of ‘The Great Unwashed’ ! Next will come, in the respectable bourgeouise media, whose myopia is expressed in terms of anti-violence, of course, ignoring that the Neo-Liberal Trinity is about a political/ethical nihilism that expresses itself in institutional violence. Conducted by well credentialed , not to speak of well dressed, Technocrats like Macon, whose  non-existent ‘mandate’ is/was imagined by his Neo-Liberal confederates.







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