Myopic Énarque , M. 37%, inspires ‘Political Violence’ against his Neo-Liberalism à la française. Almost Marx

The political violence of Neo-Liberalism: Austerity, cuts in Social Services and Tax Increases, on indispensable commodities,  has reached the point of Crisis in France. The blundering, indeed politically myopic Énarque, not just advocated by M. 37%, but enacted into ‘Law’ via decree ,has  inspired a portion of French Civic Actors, to demonstrate that ‘Civic Peace’ and the Neo-Liberal Trinity, mentioned above, are not just antithetical, but has reached the untenable.

Let the keening  of ‘Centrist Hacks‘, the Midwives of Populism, begin their preachments against ‘Violence’! The institutional Nihilism/Violence of the Neo-Liberal Swindle is in evidence across the Globe: look to the utter failure of the Tories in Britain and its NHS crisis, and Macri’s resort to an IMF Bail-Out not more than 16 months after his election!

Look to the good ,grey Times for another ‘report’ on the latest French Crisis!

Headline: Fuel tax protests in France erupt in violence

Is the Spirit of 1968 re-awakened?

Almost Marx




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