@FT Where are ‘You’? Your énarque faces a dreaded alliance between ‘Left’ , ‘Right’ & ‘Black-Block’! Almost Marx comments

@FT where are ‘you’ ? Reading your front page of the November 24,2018 edition, the ‘as if’ is that  ‘the yellow vest protestors’ are unworthy of your reportage ? Your Macron Propaganda excludes reporting the ‘bad news’ about the contempt some of that  36.5 % have for the ‘Jupertarian Politics’ of your énarque!? 

Headline: Paris police fire teargas at second wave of yellow vest protesters

Local official Bernard Gonzalez said: “There was a real risk, real danger, he had an explosive charge around his neck . . . This was not fake.”

The unrest, in which two people have died and 606 have been injured, were initially a response to Mr Macron’s fuel duty, but have gained further support from those critical of pressure being put on families’ spending power under the Macron administration.

“We know there are ultra-right and ultra-left infiltrators. You can also expect gangs from the suburbs and ‘black-blocks,’” he said, referring to a militant protest force.


The alliance of Ultra-Right , Ultra-Left and Black-blocks looks like the perfect opportunity to cast M. 37% as the answer to this benighted alliance that is, in your self-interested propaganda, an ersatz Hero of Political Rationalism.  Instead of the retrograde Neo-Liberal Counter-Revolutionary against the French State, as the last bastion of ‘Socialism’.  The Free Market Swindle has failed on a world wide scale, but that will not dampen your collective enthusiasm for your ersatz ‘Reformer’; his political sine qua non, rule by decree.

Almost Marx




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