@FT: Brian Mefford is an employee of The Atlantic Council!

Headline: Petro Poroshenko sends message with Ukraine martial law plan

Sub-headline: Response to Russia boosts president ahead of election and draws west’s attention to conflict

What is the regular reader of this newspaper to think of the fact that Oleksandr Danylyuk is  a Libertarian, it does not raise any real question :

‘Oleksandr Danyliuk supports libertarian views. He was a personal friend of the Georgian reformer and libertarian Kakha Bendukidze. After the latter passed away, Danyliuk became one of the co-founders of Bendukidze Free Market Center. ‘

The fact that Anders Aslund is a member of The Atlantic Council , the propaganda arm of NATO, and one of the most active participants in the 2014 Ukrainian Coup does not surprise !

But then the reader come to the question regarding ‘Brian Mefford, a US political consultant based in Kiev’ . Just a cursory inquiry via Google offer this:

Brian Mefford, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Eurasia Center: Expertise,Topics:Civil society, Democracy, International Trade, Political Reform, Transatlantic Relations, US Policy towards democratic transitions.Regions: Ukraine


What might the reader make of the fact that Mr. Mefford is also an employee of The Atlantic Council, not ‘a US political consultant based in Kiev’ ? This looks like serviceable obfuscation, or just  call it by its actual name journalistic  dishonesty!



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