At The Financial Times: repeats the lie of Corbyn’s Anti-Semitism & other political crimes. Old Socialist comments

Financial Times ‘second stringer’ Robert Srimsley repeats the totally false, not to speak of defamatory Party Line on Corbyn, ANTI-ANTISEMITISM! All the top tier hacks are on vacation.  Do desperate times call for desperate measures : ‘guttersnipe journalism’ ?  Or do the really shitty jobs just naturally follow the pecking order?
All this inspired by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, and the Tory/Blair faction, that wants to hold onto the power, that is ebbing away on an almost hourly basis. The level of political desperation, to check the rise of Corbyn, resulted in the Margaret Hodge’s  profane outburst.

Mr. Corbyn isn’t just a politician steeped in Anti-Semitism, and its fomentation of hatred against Jews, but has a record of support for the political aspirations of the Palestinians, and BDS: prima facae evidence of his status as moral/political heretic.

He is also  an opponent of  NATO and his ‘shadow chancellor John McDonnell raises the spectre of capital controls, we should take him seriously’  The Free Market thievery of the failed Neo-Liberal Dispensation is received wisdom to Mr.  Shrimsley and his employers,  the ultimate threat of Corbyn is the return of ‘Socialism’ . The ultimate thereat to Neo-Liberalism, in its  prolonged economic morbidity, is Left-Wing Social Democracy.

In the face of the political crimes of Corbyn , who would Mr. Shrimsley support the demonstrably failed leadership of Mrs. May ? Or will the Tories give Mrs. May a grand send-off in favor of a dependable male leader?

On the vexing question of Anti-Semitism read this from Mondoweiss:

Headline: Israel’s drift to authoritarianism: An illiberal ‘Jewish democracy’ embraces the populist nationalist model

As an ethnocratic settler-colonial state, Israel can no longer suppress or manage the contradictions that have accelerated its development into an apartheid state. These contradictions include its ethnocratic Zionist settler-colonial ideology, ethno-religious particularity in all its ambiguity (Jewish as a referent for both ethnic and religious identities), and the secular, egalitarian democratic ideals to which it has paid lip services for seven decades. Moreover, traditional liberal democracies are becoming an obstacle to the power realignments in the region and around the world, forcing the Israeli ethnocratic settler-colonial state to find new ways to fit into the structural changes that the neoliberal global capitalist system is currently undergoing. Indeed, Israel emerged as the only winner of the Helsinki summit.

In this context, the law inaugurates the Israeli ethnocratic settler-colonial state as an illiberal religious-based democracy and apartheid state, while Orban’s visit confers legitimacy on it within the global power shifts today especially, the rise of far right populist nationalist movements in Europe and the U.S. This calls for inventing new strategies for universalizing the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

What is the relevance of this essay, on the new Israeli Law, that declares itself to be a ‘Jewish State‘? Israel used to be a state of all its citizens , Jewish and non-Jewish, but now it passes a law that it is only a state for Jews alone. ‘The only democracy in the ‘Middle East’ is propaganda that now no longer has viability, in respectable bourgeois political discourse.  Mr. Shrimsley fails to even mention this. One of the cornerstones of the present definition of Anti-Semitism is that BDS is, by its opposition to the apartheid state of Israel, prima facae Anti-Semitic.  Mr. Shrimsley writes an ersatz history made to measure.

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