America’s political gossip-sheet explores the possible ramification of Bob Woodward’s latest book on Trump! Political Cynic comments

Bob Woodward is America’s Saint-Simon, with the power to blackmail the subjects of his ‘reportage’ , which makes for riveting palace gossip! And this Politico ‘news story’ by Annie Karni is reliant on anonymous sources: a marriage made in The 9Th Circle of D.C. !
Not to speak of the comparisons of other authors, who supply both apologetics and criticism’s of Trump. Wolfe’s book being the ‘guttersnipe’s view’ of Trump, while Woodward’s will be the respectable bourgeois version of Anti-Trump hysteria.

With the added insight into the career of Mr. Woodward, who seems to have the ability to compel, blackmail politicians, and their retinue of retainers and hangers-on, to submit to interviews. In sum, Mr. Woodward has becomes a kind of Theodore H. White for the 21st Century, to speak in a wholly American political context.

Political Cynic

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