Grand Inquisitor @jonathanchait names the Apostates & their Fellow Travelers on ‘The Left’

Like the ‘Liberals’ of another time, Schlesinger and Niebuhr being the most well known,  Mr. Chait is an active collaborator with the Clinton/Clapper/Brennan coterie, like Schlesinger and Niebuhr and their organization The ADA were to the McCarthy Witch Hunters. The whole of the ‘Intelligence Community’ , that has become the myth, the propaganda tool, that frames the charge of Russian Meddling in the American election. So weak is the Mueller case that a Russian Troll Farm and Russian state actors have been indited- will Show Trials in absentia be in the offing?

Mr. Chait doesn’t waste his time, he divides his attack on ‘The Left’ to the Heretics : Glenn Greenwald, Stephen F. Cohen, Aaron Maté. And the Fellow Travelers: Katherine Krueger, Seth Ackerman, Corey Robin , and Osita Nwanevu.

But here just might be, the verbosity and near complexity of Mr. Chait’s anti-left polemic renders argumentative clarity almost nil, what Mr. Chait is writing about is the self-serving political opportunism of ‘The Left’:

A theme of their skepticism is a sense of frustration with the way the Russia investigation cuts across the electorate, and especially the political intelligentsia, in a way that frustrates their ideological project. While some leftists have disdained the Mueller investigation, many centrists and even some conservatives have supported it. By expanding the Democratic coalition into the center, at least temporarily, the Russia issue runs counter to their goal of repositioning the party to the left. An undercurrent of frustration expresses itself in sniping at the commonality between liberal Russia skeptics and right-of-center Russia-hawks-turned-Trump-critics like David Frum, Max Boot, and Bill Kristol. What’s more, Trump’s Russia policy has produced a quiet struggle pitting the president against the mostly standard-issue hawkish Republicans who staff his administration. Trump is the enemy of the left’s enemy.

With further reading, what appears to be the motive of his attack on those on ‘The Left’, Heretics and Fellow Travelers,  is a reification of notion that Mr. Chait is the representative of the ‘Voice of Centrist Reason‘.  This Chait polemic, a vulgar melodrama, that deserves the ludicrous title of the  ‘Clash of Pundits’.  While the compelling, revelatory contributions to this debate of Ray McGovern and Bill Binney, remain beyond the ken of a journalistic hack regurgitating the current Party Line.

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