Hillary Clinton is a dangerous political hysteric! American Writer comments

Hillarypoliticalhysteric june 252018

Former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has hit out at Russian President Vladimir Putin, describing him as the leader of a “white supremacist and xenophobic movement”  which is designed to “weaken America’s traditional alliances and undermine democracy.”

The former secretary of state did not mince words when discussing the Mr Putin during a lecture at Trinity College Dublin, and declared that Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election – which is the subject of multiple investigations in the US Congress and the FBI – as a “clear and present danger” to Western democracy.

“Vladimir Putin has positioned himself as the leader of an authoritarian, white-supremacist and xenophobic movement that wants to break up the EU, weaken America’s traditional alliances and undermine democracy,” Ms Clinton said. ”We can see this authoritarian movement rippling out from the Kremlin, reaching across Europe and beyond. It’s emboldening right-wing nationalists, separatists, racists and even neo-nazis.“


This women is a dangerous political hysteric! Like the McCartyites of another era , she and her Neo-Con allies want war with Russia and Iran. She won the popular vote by 4 million , but thought she would be shoo- in: too lazy and entitled to campaign in the 3 key states that Trump took and won in the Electoral College. The New Cold War is being manufactured by this person, who believes that she was deprived of her presidency by ‘dark forces’ in the form of Putin The Terrible! This women is THE DANGER along with her fellow travelers Like Kristol, Kagan and her New Democratic minions.In an utterly bankrupt Party, that denied Sanders the nomination by ‘dirty tricks’ and lies about the mythical Bernie Bros. Sadly even Bernie has become co-opted!


John Wright calls this political menace to account!

American Writer



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