Peter Hitchens on Mrs. Thatcher’s ‘noble failure’. Political Observer comments

Peter Hitchens on ‘the noble failure’ of Thatcher The Milk Snatcher. The reader almost reaches the point of feeling sorry for the utterly disillusioned Mr. Hitchens! (If only Peter had the literary gifts that Christopher possessed.)

Mr. Hitchens repeats, with a misbegotten nostalgia, the Conservative catechism against the political present, ruled by the shibboleths of institutionalized ‘Leftism’, and a political leader who failed so miserably to effect a lasting change. That would have made impossible that ‘institutionalized Leftism’ that he agonizes about. Is Hitchens advocating a ‘Conservative permanent revolution’?

Which is the greater wrong, that triumphant ‘Leftism’ or The Iron Lady’s failure? Perhaps Mrs. Thatcher should have spent less time handing out copies of ‘Road to Serfdom‘ like party favors, and arguing/belittling her male Cabinet Ministers ,and political handlers.

What escapes Mr. Hithchens’ political attention, as he gives full reign to his nostalgia, tinctured in disillusion, is that the Labour Party is now being led by Mr. Corbyn. Certainly, in the political estimation of Peter Hitchens, an utter throwback to the Labour Party long before the New Labour of  Tony Blair. And that Mrs. May’s leadership can’t even compare to that of the Iron Lady’s. In fact, Mrs. May demonstrates a kind of astounding political incompetence. Is Mr. Hitchens’ political nostalgia, in a minor key, related to May’s failed leadership?

Political Observer

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