At The Financial Times: On Krauthammer’s obituary. Old Socialist comments

Neo-Conservatism is about a ruthless bellicose Nationalism, and a coterie of Left Wing radicals at City College: Irving Kristol the paradigmatic case, who became bellicose Nationalists over political time.  Mr. Krauthammer was of another generation and the expounder of the myth of America as ‘a commercial republic that shunned territorial expansion’. Not ‘mugged by reality’ but by his own self-serving myopia, and by his contempt for the lesser beings of planet earth, he and Tony Blankly, among others, shared that vile sentiment.

The quote from this Financial Times obituary:

He famously described himself as a “liberal mugged by reality”. Though labelled a neoconservative, Krauthammer preferred to call himself a “democratic realist”. America was different to other great powers in history, he believed. It was a commercial republic that shunned territorial expansion. The US should never be mistaken for an empire. “It is absurd to apply that word to a people whose first instinct upon arriving on anyone’s soil is to demand an exit strategy,” he said.

Like many exceptionalists, Krauthammer was appalled by Donald Trump.

The insights offered in this essay , Krauthammer being a speech writer for Mondale, presages the current political alliance between the New Democrats and the Neo-Conservatives. And that this alliance is the leading coterie that can be succinctly named   The Midwives of Trump. Though this alliance of political convenience will never admit their culpability for this monster. Denial and misdirection are the tools most favored by God Father Leo Strauss, and his posterity.

The void left by the death of Krauthammer will quickly be filled at The Washington Post . Jennifer Rubin, who married into the Podhoretz Clan and shares in its ‘values’, as represented in  ‘Making It’ by Podhoretz père, might just be the most obvious choice, although her record of dull-witted prognostication might just put her at the bottom of the list. Would Neo-Confederate Marc Thiessen be a viable candidate?

Old Socialist


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