Macron’s Apologists, episode CCXXXI: Henrik Uterwedde’s propaganda intervention. Almost Marx comments

The reader can consider Mr. Uterwedde essay the chatter of one more Neo-Liberal hetaira, or should the reader call him another EU apologist? singing the praises of the Macron’s Jupertarian Politics! Think of Macron as a pretty De Gaulle? His politics are defined as the social/political/ethical poison of the Free Market. As codified by the Mt. Pelerin Philosopher Kings (recall Mises enthusiasm for Mussolini?) is about to descend on the French voting public: that has expressed their collective enthusiasm for Macon, by a rate of nearly 37% of spoiled,blank, or uncountable ballots!

The opening quote from Mr. Uterwedde propaganda intervention takes its rhetorical shape as:

France needs courageous policies that include clear (even if unpopular) choices, frankness when explaining the challenges, more societal dialogue, and a less chaotic and uncoordinated style of governance.

But just paragraphs later Macronism is defined, as what it is, the dictatorship of La République En Marche  :

Macron has got full permission from Parliament that this reform shall be laid down by decree. This gives him complete freedom to simultaneously hold ongoing, intensive consultations with trade unions and business federations and flexibly respond to their criticism. The president wants parliament to pass these planned regulations in September. His plan for reform has great economic import but it is also highly significant politically: a litmus test for Macron’s ability to push through unpopular decisions and bring about real change in his country.

What the world cries out for is one more intellectual for hire, to spread the Gospel of Market Reform, in the the watershed of its near total collapse, as idea and practice. The reader  doesn’t need Mr. Henrik Uterwedde, to celebrate at length Macronism, that is consonant with dictatorship! We already have Neo-Conservative ghoul Bret Stephens’s slavering celebration of the end of Socialist France at The New York Times.

Or Martin Sandbu at The Financial Times who warns Macron , at another point in political time: Macron must ‘reform‘ France before all else. Mr. Sandbu last two sentences are instructive of what might just be dubbed ‘The Macron Neo-Liberal Imperative’

Mr Macron must not put his domestic reforms at risk of being weakened by his European initiatives.

An economically thriving France will be strong in Europe, fiscal discipline or not. But a domestic economic promise undermined by a European distraction will make France fail both at home and abroad.


Social Europe is the official/unofficial propaganda arm the EU, and its sham Democracy. That is in fact a Federation of unelected Technocrats, the reflection of Jean Monnet, the unelected Technocrat par excellence. Who created a coal and steel cartel, heavily garnished with the rhetoric of democracy/federalism, now in the control of the Merkel/Schäuble alliance, and its cudgel the European Central Bank! Beware the Merkel/Schäuble alliance! Macron’s hubris and megalomania are the twin dangers to the well being of your Cartel!

Almost Marx


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