On Chris Hedges political sermon of April 27, 2017: Almost Marx comments

Mr. Hedges preaches a great sermon, it is his métier. Its too long, but there is a lot of territory to cover. The mention of Liberal Zionist Peter Beinart makes one wonder at Mr. Hedges historical perspective, as more of the same!

 Headline: The Rise of the Violent Left

Sub-headline : Antifa’s activists say they’re battling burgeoning authoritarianism on the American right. Are they fueling it instead?


‘Liberal Zionist’ Peter Beinart has reason to attack ‘The Left’,  as it is the very birthplace of BDS!  This essay was posted in September 2017 and was exhumed at The Atlantic just after Charlottesville.

What all the good Left Wing Social Democrats, Hedges,Beinart and even the usually prescient Chomsky, suffer from is a case of political myopia! What they refuse to confront is that the Second American Civil War is here, but it is episodic in nature: Ferguson and Charlottesville being its most recent flashpoints,  but still that conflict will not disappear from American life. The ‘antifas’ and the ‘altright’, American weasel words, are its main protagonists. At least to bourgeois political pundits masquerading as moralists.

What I find truly astounding is that it doesn’t occur to above thinkers, that this is just the halting, episodic instances of that Civil War. And that DeRay Mckesson, leader of Black Lives Matter, co-opted by Clinton/Obama loudmouth Michael Eric Dyson, will be succeeded by a  series of new spokesmen: who will be newer versions of Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seal, Stokely Carmichael,H.Rap Brown in their political ascendancy rather than in their decline. Recall Mr. Brown’s infamous quote, that is not lost on these ‘thinkers’?

violence is as American as cherry pie

Look to Bannon’s apocalyptic/paranoid vision of America’s future here:


Viewing this in historical/political terms, see this Bannon vision of the future as the culmination of Huntington’s ‘Clash’ but also of his ethic paranoia of ‘Who Are We‘ , of Fukuyama’s Straussian nihilism in his ‘The Decay of American Political Institutions’ :


And the rise of the Tea Party Jacobins, e.g.  Paul Ryan  and the consequent purging of actual ‘Conservatives’ from the Party e.g. Richard Lugar. Not forgetting the rise of the  precursors of Bannon’s American Fascism, the whole of the Neo-Conservative coven of intellectual/political nihilists. The question arises are the ‘politics’ of Trump and Bannon  interchangeable?

Mr. Hedges succinct reply to my comment might be, beware of false prophets!

Almost Marx





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