My reply to Lee Jones

 Headline: The Rise of the Violent Left

Sub-headline : Antifa’s activists say they’re battling burgeoning authoritarianism on the American right. Are they fueling it instead?

Mr. Lee Jones, ‘Liberal Zionist’ Peter Beinart has reason to attack ‘The Left’,  as it is the very birthplace of BDS!  This essay was posted in September 2017 and was exhumed at The Atlantic just after Charlottesville.

Or can the reader forget the perpetual Anti-Left political hysterics of Andrew Sullivan in his weekly ‘Intelligencer’ columns at the New York Magazine? His pose of ‘centrist rationalist’  in answer to the extremes of Trump, and the ‘Left’ that opposes him is self-servingly mendacious. His unstinting advocacy for ‘The Bell Curve’ is demonstrative of his perpetual racial animus.

When it comes to writing ‘correctives’ to the evolving ‘Left strategies’, even to call them inchoate is not an out of place, but your ideological intervention is an act of self-flattery of the most unwelcome kind!

The Second American Civil War is episodic in nature: Ferguson and Charlottesville being its most recent flashpoints,  but still that conflict will not disappear from American life.  The main component of the ‘altright’, an American weasel word,  is the supremacy of the white male heterosexual, a  closely held belief of that ‘altright’,  under attack from an addled Left, as you present it! If this isn’t the ‘sin’ of identity politics what is?

Look to the record of the the American Judiciary as exemplary : Scott v. Sanders, Buck v. Bell, Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, The 1912 segregation of Washington D.C. by ‘Progressive’ Wilson,  The Aliens Enemies Act of 1917, Korematsu v. U.S., Hirabayashi vs U.S.: the holding prisoner of Americans of Japanese descent in Concentration Camps under the euphemism ‘Interment Camps’! Or consider more contemporaneous Supreme Court decisions: Citizens United: money is speech. Or  Shelby County v Holder where the notion of ‘things have changed’, was operative frame as written by Roberts, and punched up by Scalia, playing Mrs. Malaprop using his ‘redhead’  hypothetical merde!

The one shining light in this collections of the crimes of American Jurisprudence-   consider the continuing,concerted attacks on Brown v. Board of Education by the Federalists and their Dixiecrat founders,  using the dismissive notion that Brown was not legal interpretation but ‘Sociology’ . Eliding from the conversation, this from the preamble to The Declaration of Independence, that may not have the force of Law, but is the very integument that hold together the American Experiment!

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

The rise of Identity Politics is about seeking redress against the crimes of the white male heterosexuals. Some of which I have presented. The inconvenient why of ‘Identity Politics’, and their absolute political/moral necessity!

Headline: Political correctness doesn’t kill people

Sub-headline:  Handwringing over campus activists who “censored” alt-right speakers looks misplaced after the violence in Charlottesville.

The far right knows exactly what happens when the media continually exaggerates the threat posed by campus politics. The state cracks down, teenagers are maimed or killed, and middle-aged sadists re-elect whoever ordered the violent repression. If not, a vigilante like Fields, high on far-right agitprop, will step in. It worked for George Wallace, it worked for Reagan, it worked for Nixon, and it might just work for Trump. In the most optimistic view, the centrist commentators who wasted so many columns scolding student activists to a national audience didn’t know how useful their screeds were to the far right. They forgot that, for the last 50 years, hysterical media anger at uppity college students has always turned out to be unfounded and embarrassing in hindsight. They forgot that college students were right about Vietnam, civil rights, apartheid, and every other cause handwringing centrists accepted long after the fact. The brightest minds in the liberal media simply forgot that college protesters have never been the perpetrators of deadly violence — only the victims. If this is true, it would serve them well to remember.

The final paragraph of Alex Nichols essay at is revelatory of the problem of those who attack the ‘Left’ from whatever political perspective:

Your last paragraph is so reminiscent of the Party Line that Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and Reinhold Niebuhr used to advocate during the Cold War, at The ADA:

Look at the Founders:

Founding, prominent members included:

‘The Vital Center of 1949 was Schlesinger’s defense of Free Speech for respectable Political Centrism, but not for ‘The Left’ in its many iterations, before the Mundt/McCarren/Nixon/McCarthy purge.

Mr. Jones, for some interesting reading about your political precursors, see Richard Fox’s hagiography of Niebuhr, and for some light reading see Schlesinger’s Diaries, as edited by his sons. In the early entries he has a penchant for using  the word ‘commies’, trying to sound like John Wayne in that Cold War potboiler ‘Big Jim McLain’.







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