At The Financial Times: The Uber Melodrama episode XLII, as the dog days of summer wane… Political Observer wonders

Never will this publication face the demonstrative fact that ‘Uber’ has as its reason d’etre as the avoidance, indeed, a bold and mendacious  attack on the State’s power to regulate taxi services in the public interest! ‘Uber’ is NOT a ‘car-hailing app’ but an attack on the power and responsibility of the State to license taxi’s, as part of the responsibility of acting in the public interest!

The motto of The Financial Times is ‘what ever the traffic will bear’! This political/economic/ethical position can’t even be described as Neo-Liberal, because it is even a cruder, a more vulgar expression of  the greed and self-seeking nature of Capitalism. Its a dog eat dog world! In this jejune exercise, the FT has few propaganda peers. The many and diverse characters, in this melodrama, get photos and extended commentary, the ‘as if’ here is that they warrant extended commentary. This as the dog days of summer come to a close.

My particular favorite is the professional grifter Arianna Huffington, who never tires of running her con, while cultivating the fiction that she is that ‘White Knight’,that is the sine qua non of her genius at self-promotion wedded to her unslakable opportunism. Her cultivation of  the self-created myth as that charming and self-less ‘little Greek girl’ has by now become shopworn.

Political Observer


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