At The Financial Times: Janan Ganesh defends ‘The Cult of Personality’. Almost Marx comments

Among the collection of cliches that Mr. Ganesh repeats, and or reworks, for the occasion of his essay, published on April 24, 2017: these first two stand out as demonstrative of  a purposive misdescription, and historically tinted mendacity.

Mr Macron stands for openness against closedness.

Macron is like Obama in that he offers the promise of change: ‘openness’ , and quite candidly offers the mirage of The Free Market, a new phenomenon in French politics? His is not the Speed and Shock of Fillon, but simply a less austere version of that political mirage.

The period between his birth in 1977 and the crash has entered the record as the Liberal Age.

That ‘Liberal Age’ is a fictional creation of Mr. Ganesh. In 1975 Thatcher became the Leader of the Opposition, and in 1976 Reagan began his campaign for president using the notorious ‘Welfare Queens driving Cadillacs’ i.e.  unapologetic racism: both of these events were the harbingers of the soon to be Neo-Liberal Age. The facts of history places Ganesh’s assertion of a ‘Liberal Age’, into the arena of a self-serving re-writing of history, named propaganda!

Then Mr. Ganesh hints at the political present by this act of backward historical projection, in this sentence fragment:

Voters were sick of postwar corporatism but-…

The collapse of Keynesianism, as Western economies and their Imperialism reached the point of slow motion fracture and or collapse,  led to the mirage, that Hayek and his allies presented, as an answer to the Road to Serfdom of the Soviets.  As a feudalism based on the singularity of ‘The Market’ , as the answer to every question that presents itself to an electorate. Mr. Ganesh lacks the necessary historical knowledge, and honesty, to even confront the fact that, the rise of the dreaded Populists, can be traced directly to the collapse of Neo-Liberalism’s dogmas translated into political policy and action

Then he presents a long and self-satisfied defense of ‘The Cult of Personality’, as the key to the politics of the present. First presenting Tony Blair, and then Macron, and his Neo-Liberalism Lite, as its central political actors. In sum, Mr. Ganesh is just another Stalinist!

Almost Marx


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