At The Financial Times: Le Pen ‘ambushes’ Macron. A comment by Political Reporter

The Whirlpool Visit will become, for both candidates and observers of that process, emblematic of the French Campaign : Macron, a Free Market apologist/Rothschild Banker/Elite Educated technocrat, first meets with the Union, and then promises,when the political heat is at full blast, to help the about to be fired workers, that he might assist them to negotiate a better ‘severance package’, while he is being booed.

In the news story Macron  assures  the crowd ‘that arguing his government would use the free market for the benefit of all.’ This sounds like an echo of Macri’s Argentinian Austerity that has proven to be such a hard sell, to put it mildly. Or even like the Party Line of the New Democrats, not to forget Obama called Macron to give his political blessing to the campaign.
And then dunderhead Attali, points in the proper Neo-Liberal direction,  a riff on that  old Schumpeter standby  ‘creative destruction’? With sad-sack Ferrand bringing up the rear, with too little too late. Its almost comic except that lives are at stake. And Le Pen is meeting with the workers! The FT reporters/propagandists called Le Pen’s political maneuver an ‘ambush’ , but really just that old British standby called one-upmanship.

The Financial Times presents the latest polling data that project Macon is at 61%. A few more of these kinds of displays of the complete ignorance, not to speak of utter tone deafness, about the lives of actual voters by Macron, and his poll numbers will sink like the proverbial stone, and rightly so. Or should the reader wait for a Le Pen victory on election night, and have the ‘technocrats’ of the  Neo-Liberal Press wonder, or more like agonize, as to the why of the loss of their Golden Boy Macron?

But wait the French Political Melodrama plays on as a comedy, based on the canny use of  ‘corrective optics’ as political handlers call it :

A few hours later, Mr Macron turned up at the factory gate. His staff said it was at the unions’ request, not because of Ms Le Pen’s visit. But the impression of being upstaged by a rival more in tune with an angry public has added to Mr Macron’s wobbly start to the final 10 days of campaigning

The former Rothschild banker was given a rough ride by Whirlpool workers who chanted “Macron get out” and “Marine president” as black smoke wafted from burning tyres. Earlier in the day, Ms Le Pen had been taking selfies with beaming employees under a blue sky.

Nonetheless, Mr Macron spent 45 minutes talking to crowd, insisting that shutting down borders, as Ms Le Pen had promised, would do more harm than good. “I am not going to make any false promises. I will not engage in demagoguery.”

Tensions abated slightly after the centrist politician vowed to force Whirlpool’s management to agree to better severance conditions and said he would fight to find a buyer for the appliances factory.

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