Andy Divine discovers the political magic of Emmanuel Macron. American Writer comments.

Of the usual Sullivan Political Free Association, I choose the section in which he opines on the French election , with some asides.

Read first Mr. Sullivan’s May 1, 2016 essay here :

This essay partakes of the usual Straussian intellectual strategy, of self-serving rhetorical bloat, as the in-order-too, of wearing the readers attention down to the point of producing a usable intellectual/critical fatigue. This ‘art of confusion’  is practiced by both Fukuyama and Kagan,  when the publishing periodical is friendly.

You will see Sullivan’s  ‘prediction ‘ that Trump may win the presidency in 2016. Aided by among others Eric Hoffer. Now Mr. Sullivan isn’t acquainted with Mr. Hoffer’s own temptation towards the authoritarianism of Lyndon Johnson: Mr. Hoffer was one of the only ‘public intellectuals’ that LBJ could find to support his murderous political adventurism in Vietnam. Mr Sullivan relies on not just his own historical ignorance, but the ignorance of his readers. Mr. Sullivan does not count on the fact that some of his readers remember Mr. Hoffer, in the very negative way for his vocal support for the Vietnam War, and his kowtowing visit to the Whitehouse. This puts Mr. Hoffer’s judgements on Fascism in a dubious light, except to those unacquainted with the  American history of that era, Mr. Sullivan being one among many.

Then watch this October 24, 2016 interview of Mr. Sullivan by Brian Williams, in which he supports, a support awash in disdain, if not outright contempt, Mrs. Clinton. It’s just 4: 43 seconds long, hardly time for a Sullivan windup and pitch, given the logorrhea of his May essay!

Sullivan’s Cassandra like prescience on Trump as political inevitability in May, and his October ‘Conversion’ to Mrs. Clinton render his political predictions null set.

All this leads, in a roundabout way, to Mr. Sullivan’s support for Macron in the French election, as the Neo-Liberal Golden Boy: who stumbled badly and was outsmarted by the dread Le Pen, at a Whirlpool factory in Amiens that is about to be closed, as reported at The Financial Times. The careful reader will read the comments section, this section of the newspaper is often times more informative and enlightening that the actual news story/propaganda/editorial : a Greek Chorus to the Financial Times Melodrama :

American Writer



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