Edward Luce fiddles, while Trump sets Rome afire. A comment by Old Socialist

Mr. Luce, how many Neo-Liberal cliches can you freight your political/economic hysterics?

All bull markets die,heading for an early grave., The bill is an unloved mess that relies solely on Republican partisan loyalty to pass., What ever the fate of “Trumpcare”, markets are digesting that nothing big will happen soon., Mr Trump will be hard-pressed to forge the deals necessary to enact once-in-a-generation tax reform.,Washington, by design, is treacherous ground for ambitious reformers., That conceit is dissolving.,Presidential terms can go one of three ways. ,An early victory gives a young presidency momentum., The market has priced Mr Trump into the Reagan mould., He has also basked in the glow of a soaring stock market.,Short of an epiphany on tax reform, Mr Trump can kindle animal spirits with aggressive deregulation., But perception is king, It is a pity it is so discouraging for growth.


Some of them are just plain Corporatist Propaganda e.g. Mr Trump will be hard-pressed to forge the deals necessary to enact once-in-a-generation tax reform. This the Luce version of  economic theology? or to vulgarize it, or just to give it its due, economic mumbo jumbo!  That ‘once-in-a-generation tax reform’ is the final de-evolution of the revelation of Neo-Liberalism into the gift of Corporatism?

Old Socialist

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