From the Journalistic Shit-Hole of The Daily Beast: Episode MMXVII @michaeldweiss finds Putin guilty of the brutal murder of Sergei Magnitsky. A comment by Victor Serge


Mr. Weiss doesn’t so much as build an accusation of the guilt of Putin, based on empirical evidence, because he does not have access to such, but this is just another instance of Putin, and his gangster allies in Russian civic life. The ‘evidence’ Mr.Weiss presents  is circumstantial , even tangential, but never mind, the point of this obtuse Le Carrian infused chatter, is about  Neo-Conservative propaganda. The point of which is to foment a hatred of Russia, that can then be exploited as pretext for war with the Great Villain Putin, and bring Fukuyama’s  bastardization of Hegel’s ‘end of history’ to fruition!   The reader confronts the dismal record of unsolved murders of key witnesses to the predations of a  Russia state, in the thrall the  Gangster-In-Chief  Putin. Not to speak of his various underlings and even sub-groups who are the bad actors who are looking after their own interests, or are hired by others to do  the dirty work of that Gangster State!

Although noting quite matches this quote from Mr. Weiss acting as apologist and hypocrite for the disastrous Ukrainian Coup!

Curiously, first on the scene to report this as an accident involving a renovation gone wrong was LifeNews, a Russian outlet closely connected to the Russian security services and famous for inventing false news stories about the war in Ukraine and the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.

Victor Serge

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