The Financial Times anoints Neil Gorsuch! a comment by Political Observer

With the headline and sub-headline  from the March 19, 2017 Financial Times:

Gorsuch to restore conservative tilt to US Supreme Court

Democrats weigh whether to seek revenge for blocking of Obama nominee

And the headline and sub-headline from the March 20,2017 edition of the FT:

Gorsuch touts consensual style for Supreme Court role

Trump’s nominee for vacant seat vows to ‘follow the words that are in the law’

The Financial Times unsurprising finds the Gorsuch nomination to be the the answer to what? The creeping radical political nostalgia of  Neo-Confederate Originalism? that Mr. Gorsuch  characterizes as a matter of procedural/philosophical approach to “follow the words that are in the law”? Its call Originalism, a perverse historical re-reading of the ‘intent’ of the Founders. This has no resemblance to Dilthey’s philosophical/moral attempt to re-imagine the thoughts, ideas, the very center of a cultural/political/philosophical milieu of a past.
Mr. Gorsuch and his fellows at the Federalist Society attempt to rehabilitate the white supremacy of Pre-Civil War America and its primitive expression of Capitalism, based upon slave labor, avant the vulgar Social Dawinism of Herbert Spencer. One of the central animating reasons for the founding of The Federalist Society was the Brown v. Board Supreme Court decisions one and two.
For an extended discussion of the questions of ‘judicial restraint’, ‘legislative intent’ and the vexed question of judges as usurping that intent, see my comment from November 12, 2016 essay in which I discuss Fukuyama’s ‘The Decay of American Political Institutions’ , with a focus on Brown.
For some added insight into Mr. Gorsuch, from the perspective of one of his fellow students Jordan Kushner , who has since closely followed his career, and his consistent reactionary political positions: evolution of any kind is anathema to the beliefs/practices of Conservatives!
Also for Gorsuch’s stance on Voter Suppression and his relationship with Hans von Spakovsky, ‘…who really is the leading figure behind GOP voter suppression efforts, the leading figure in pushing the myth of widespread voter fraud.’  see this Ari Berman interview also at Democracy Now:
Political Observer


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