NATO, Andrzej Duda and The Financial Times, a comment by Political Reporter

The Poles have a history of a pose of independence, this from the Economist of November 30, 2011, with the headline of : ‘Sikorski: hero or traitor? Backwash from Berlin’

What of reaction elsewhere? Readers may be surprised to hear that Poland’s main opposition parties think Mr Sikorski’s stance is tantamount to treason. He faces a no-confidence vote in parliament, and the main opposition leader, Jarosław Kaczyński, wants him brought before the state tribunal (a kind of impeachment) for breaking his constitutional oath: a federal Europe, he argues [link in Polish], would bring Poland back to the colonial status it suffered before 1989. Joachim Brudziński, an MP from Mr Kaczyński’s party, said Mr Sikorski was advocating a “Fourth Reich and German hegemony”.

Or Mr. Sikorski’s other provocative exercise of political candor, in The Economist of June 23, 2014 titled ‘Sikorski in hot water’:

More illegal recordings are destabilising the Polish government this week. The juiciest revelation so far is that the foreign minister, Radek Sikorski  said in January that he viewed Poland’s alliance with America as “worthless”.

Mr Sikorski’s comments were made in a dinner conversation with the former finance minister, Jacek Rostowski, which was illegally recorded and printed in Wprost, a Polish news weekly. During the often vulgar conversation, Mr Sikorski said the alliance with Washington “is complete bullshit. We’ll get into a conflict with the Germans and the Russians and we’ll think that everything is super because we gave the Americans a blowjob. Losers. Complete losers.”

Or further news on political fate of Mr. and Mrs. Sikorski, titled ‘Radexit and Appoplexit – Radoslaw Sikorski and Anne Applebaum Are Booted out of Poland’:

Those Poles can be prickley political allies, but some of them are like Andrzej Duda firm believers in The New Cold War and the myth of Russian revanchism: the political strategy and Party Line  as exercised in Ukraine by American political operatives like Victoria Nuland and Amb. Pyatt allied with NGO’s like The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe etc., eliding from the political conversation the participation of Right Sector and Svoboda as partners in the Coup.

In deference to American power it is essential that Mr. Duda remind the US that it is advisable that a ‘buffer state’ be  awarded due deference, while denying it’s status as a ‘buffer state’ to the American hegemon. The whole question is about saving face and obtaining that expanded American base.

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