The chickens come home to roost or The New American Civil War intensifies, a comment by Political Observer

Where else but, named after the craven political opportunist Andrew, comes this story, in all it’s white hysterical glory, that the historical inevitability of the revival of The Black Panther Party has happened! The model offered by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale was politically fated, to engage in political metaphysics. The New American Civil War has been quietly raging for some time, but the fact of armed black women and men, fed up with eating shit from racist police marks a new stage in that Civil War.

The picture of those gun toting ‘conservatives’, white people meeting an army of angry,armed black folks appeals to the Neo-Confederate/Originalist wet dream of a Race War. Who will be their Robert E. Lee? Scalia’s already borderline blood pressure must have risen appreciably- one can only imagine the breakfast table histrionics!

Political Observer

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