Mr. Baldwin on Mr. Jeremy Corbyn, a comment by Political Reporter

The Neo-Liberal Consensus is not just fissuring before our eyes, due to it’s abject failure to deliver on it’s ersatz utopianism, based on the fiction of the self-correcting Market and other self-serving fictions: those fictions can no longer hold, in the face of the seventh year of the economic doldrums, of it’s watershed.  First we had the essay by Tony Blair full of the same panic and hysterics, heavily garnished with self-congratulation of the political adept,a Neo-Thatcherite, with this surprising claim :

We forced change on the Tories.

Compare Mr. Blair’s assertion to a claim made by  Mrs. Thatcher:

‘“Our greatest achievement was Tony Blair. We forced our opponents to change.”

And now we have Mr. Baldwin in full panic mode, as the thoroughly colonized New Labor is presented as a Centrist alternative to the ‘Radical Leftists’ like Mr. Corbyn. The proclamation: we  are the sane ones, the electable ones, in answer to the ‘Populism’ of Mr. Farage and to look outside our own political parochialism, for a moment to Europe , Syriza Podemos and their ally the radical,unelectable political nihilist Mr. Corbyn.

As he defies decades of history — from the collapse of the Berlin Wall to the rise of a global economy and the financial crash — Mr Corbyn has as much in common with the shallow populism of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump as he does with Syriza and Podemos. But in one regard the Corbyn campaign has been more adept and modern than that of any recent Labour politician: he seems genuinely to want people to engage with politics again.

In the thrall of his panic Mr. Baldwin repeats the foreshortened Neo-Liberal rationalist history of the post-war, yet eliding from his potted history the total abject failure of the Neo-Liberal theory and practice of ‘government’ -recall the Reagan’s notorious catch-phrase of ‘government is the problem’? Also recall Mrs. Thatcher’s penchant for passing out copies of Hayek’s Road to Serfdom.

Political Reporter

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