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 ‘Ryan admitted, though, that he didn’t know the exact context for Bush’s remarks.’

Ryan is a political propagandist who disguised his Budget Proposals as actual Budgets, and political hacks like Douthat fell all over themselves, in calling this merde ‘policy entrepreneurship’!

“Absolutely, we can deliver 4 percent growth if we get the fundamentals right,” Ryan said. He listed tax reform, regulatory reform, health care reform, and the federal debt as the “basics and fundamentals” that could achieve unprecedented levels of growth well into the 21st century.

Just call this chatter about ‘reform’ more neoliberal rationalism, in sum meaning class warfare, or the active destruction of what remains of The New Deal, as roadblock to the radiant future of American Corporatism! That Corporatism is something that both the Republicans and New Democrats are adept at defending, note President Obama’s making alliance with the Republican on the TPA/TPP,  confecting  a propaganda  under the rubric of  Free Trade. A corrupt, mendacious political class explained/defended by an equally mendacious, careerist Fourth Estate

Political Cynic

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