Emma Green on Rahm Emanuel or Episode MM of the Cultivation of Bourgeois Political Respectability

Mayor Emanuel is a Neo-Liberal, although not in the sense that President Obama is. The Mayor does not hide his particular brand of that odious utopianism, as the timid president did  behind the fading rhetoric of of 2008.The President has proven himself a dedicated Corporatist by failure to prosecute Wall Street crooks and his actions on TPA and the secret TPP, with the aid of his Republican confederates. Emanuel is Bloomberg without the personal wealth but with plenty of monetary support from his Capitalist allies. He parades his brand as toughness in the face of a failed Capitalism, Austerity being the only answer for the problem of the bloated pensions of teachers i.e. Public Sector Unions are a caustic manifestation of greed. Mrs Thatcher confected a whole political mythology around the theme of greedy unions!  In the world of the Charter School fiasco, teachers pensions are anachronistic grabbing of advantage, that the rest of the populous of Chicago doesn’t have, which translates into very effective propaganda,  given the utterly dismal state of the whole economy.

Ms. Green fails to exercise even the most basic due diligence of a journalist, to provide essential historical background to her ‘reportage’!

Political Observer


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