Luce and Barber on the Greek Referendum: In the Vortex of History? Melodrama & Histrionics Episode XXI

Mr. Luce strikes a less strident note than Mr. Barber did on July 5th in the Financial Times. In fact Mr. Barber’s essay reflects a case of full blown political hysterics, doom saying garnished with pertinent historical references. Everything but Munich!

The very notion that the US is a ‘helpless bystander’ strains credulity to the point of fracture! American agents of change Victoria Nuland, Jeoffrey Pyatt, Samantha Power and their confederates have spent billions, on fomenting a bogus revolution in Ukraine, and have spent more on propping up it’s bogus government and it’s Nazi allies! They even enlisted Lawrence Summers:

‘Reform-minded Ukraine merits debt reduction’

Add to this toxic mix the American NGO’s Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe and The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies etc., and what we have is American myopia i.e. too busy provoking the Russian Bear,with the connivance of the EU, and not enough on the ‘vulnerable Balkans’ as strategically important.

Is the the Dream of Europe collapsing? Are Spain and Italy next to rebuke the neoliberal rationalism of Austerity, which even the IMF admits was a ‘mistake’?

‘ The International Monetary Fund admitted it had failed to realise the damage austerity would do to Greece as the Washington-based organisation catalogued mistakes made during the bailout of the stricken eurozone country.

In an assessment of the rescue conducted jointly with the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European commission, the IMF said it had been forced to override its normal rules for providing financial assistance in order to put money into Greece.

Fund officials had severe doubts about whether Greece’s debt would be sustainable even after the first bailout was provided in May 2010 and only agreed to the plan because of fears of contagion.

While it succeeded in keeping Greece in the eurozone, the report admitted the bailout included notable failures.


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