Nemtsova on Putin’s Witch Hunt, a comment by Political Observer

Even if the contents of Ms. Nemtsova’s carefully constructed bill of attainder are true, the critical reader has the historical  facts of the Ukrainian Coup, as an object lesson of EU and US NGO’s as subversive operatives, in the installation of Yats, and then Poroshenko and his ‘anti-communist law’!

Recall Ms. Nuland passing out cookies to the Revolutionaries? A Madame Defarge, awaiting victory and political ascent?  Putin’s Witch Hunt has no basis in fact or history, just an exercise in self-interested paranoia mongering, as an internal propaganda weapon? In terms that some Americans might comprehend, a political disciple of McCarthy or Nixon?

Michael Weiss and his allies and confederates have completely colonized this publication, making it an auxiliary to the imperatives of Nuland/Pyatt/Power/Rice quartet of Neo-Cons/R2PZealots and former proteges of the unlamented  professional bully Richard Holbrooke. Under the leadership of  this trio of Black Widows plus a capon, and the feckless Obama, WWIII is just offstage waiting  for it’s cue! The present Proxy War in the Ukraine is just a series of preliminary skirmishes until the main event? Who in this generation has any inkling of what Spain was about? This collection of political romantics, like their intellectual precursor Leo Strauss, are about the claim of being the natural inheritors of the mantle of the Platonic Guardians: mythical political aristocrats, yet not a Scipio among them! The War with Russia is a fact, and the actions of Putin, Obama and his technocrats only confirm this dismal fact.

Political Observer,

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