Lexington, Obama and Stefan Shakespeare’s Drawbridge, a comment by Political Cynic

Here is the crux of the matter according to Lexington on ‘Obama’s agenda in the balance’, after Mr. Shakespeare’s Drawbridge nonsense, which simply demonstrates lazy thinking, and or political desperation, which grabs ahold of the latest intellectual gimmick:

‘… a majority of Mr Obama’s own party bowed to those voters who think that increased trade with Asia is something to fear, and that working Americans cannot trust their government to put their interests ahead of those of big corporations.’

This quote is an utter political distortion in service to the Corporatist Agenda that The Economist is advocate/apologist for! I tweeted my congressman Rep. Scott Peters numerous times before the vote. What sane political actor votes for ‘secret law’? That will remain secret for five years? Even the congresspeople, who might take the opportunity to view the pertinent documents, are constrained by law not to take notes, or to discuss what they have viewed with anyone! Surely one of the writers/editors at The Economist must recall Mr. Jean-Francois Revel’s famous polemics: ‘The Totalitarian Temptation’ of 1976 or How Democracies Perish of 1983? I still have my copies. Is there no one at this publication with even a modicum of historical memory?

We can thank WikiLeaks as reported in the New Republic for some very valuable information on these ‘trade deals’ and what they actually are.


But wait, here come the real culprits, call them the ‘usual suspects’ in The Economist’s world view :

But regardless of what members of Congress believe personally, trade unions and left-wing grassroots campaign groups have done an effective job of intimidating House Democrats into a defensive crouch on trade, threatening to punish members who defy them by withholding campaign funds and help from grassroots activists.

Union bosses, populist Democrats and some populist Republicans crowed with triumph after Friday’s votes, saying that TPA had to be stopped to prevent more jobs from being outsourced to Asia, and—in the words of Richard Trumka, the president of the vast AFL-CIO union—to “send a message that our government belongs not to the highest corporate bidders but to the working people who make our country run.”

At The Economist it is perpetually 1952 in America! It’s hard to be patient with the rest of the essay’s meander through the thickets of American politics. But never fear the Chinese and their exploitation of America’s democratic weakness is  ever present! Another thought: it is arresting to think that the political magpie Ross Perot was right about NAFTA, and that the perpetually priapic Bill Clinton was it’s front man. But to think that stolid Neo-Liberal Obama is finished with ‘Trade Deals’ is hopelessly naive!

Political Cynic

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