Episode XXVI of The E.U. Political Melodrama: Ukraine, Greece and Finland, while Spain waits in the wings

Lawrence Summers tells us on May 17,2015 that ‘Reform-minded Ukraine merits debt reduction’


Before this on January 26, 2015 the FT publishes this ‘News story’ titled ‘IMF pressed to increase lending to Ukraine’


Again we read this ‘News story’ ‘Greece defies creditors’ demands for decisions on reform’


While Rome burns, there is this from Forbes dated June 14, 2015  by Tim Worstall titled

‘Finland’s Problem Is The Same As Greece’s; Neither Should Be In The Euro As Krugman Says’


Should this be an indication of where the EU is headed? And need we wait to see the entrance of Spain’s Podemos into the melodrama, to see that the fissuring of the EU is upon us? While the pseudo-economists, political romantics, and neoliberal rationalists converge, in this publication, in their savaging of the Greeks and their utter lack of Corporatist Virtue?

Political Observer

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