On the Greek Crisis, episode LV, a comment by Political Observer

After the provocative, even taunting essay titled ‘Greeks chose poverty, let them have their way’ at the Financial Times of June 9, 2015 by technocrat Francesco Giavazzi. And Anatole Kaletsky’s essay of June 11,2015, ominously titled ‘A Greek suicide?’ that assures the reader that the Greek default, as a blackmail tactic of Syriza, will not be effective at Project Syndicate:


We are back to the old reliable, with this report from The Financial Times of June 12,2015 by Peter Spiegel in Brussels and Michael Hunter in London, under the headline ‘Greece defies creditor’ demands for decisions on reform’: I can see the news boys in caps, plus fours and argyle knee socks, proclaiming this headline at the top of their voices, above the traffic noise, circa 1926!

Back is the screeching hysteria and resort to political/economic melodrama, that is about to reach it’s denouement. Except that it has been a series of those denouements, from the very beginning of the ‘Crisis’. The future of the EU hangs in the balance, why even American technocrat Mr. Lew has expressed deep concern about an ‘accident’! The Neo-Liberal order experiences a rift that could become a lasting feature? The possibility of permanent ‘crisis’ endangers the whole of the endeavor begun by the eminence grise of the EU Jean Monnet?

But not to forget the Yanis Varoufakis’ transcript of a speech at the Social Europe web site, published on June 11, 2015. Mr. Varoufakis’ transcript is well worth your time and consideration.

Political Observer


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