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‘If you were in charge of NBC News and Williams were caught telling exaggerated or made-up stories on your watch, what would you do?
I would do what Roger Ailes would do. Through Roger’s eyes, the issue is: What does my audience want? So, why should I have to run my business on the basis of what media people say I should do — people who don’t want me to succeed?’

Mr. Wolff is a Murdoch biographer and sycophant! He defines journalism according to Roger Ailes as ‘What does my audience want?’ This rhetorical gambit takes the onus off Mr. Wolff, as if he were ‘reporting’ on the Ailes comment, instead of assenting to the wisdom of a carefully manipulated crowd: The ‘News’ as the product of carefully massaged propaganda, that takes as it’s purpose mendacity and the malicious, as tools against the predations of ‘Liberalism’ as re-imagined by Ailes and company. Fair and balanced? Or just call it an exercise in careerist cynicism?

Political Observer

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