Mr. Guriev on the Nemtsov murder: An essay by Political Observer

Mr.Sergei Guriev presents his case on the Nemtsov murder with a simulacrum of eloquence, but it is easy to see the propaganda triumph of the catechism of the New Cold War in his essay. In the fact that conspiracy theory, as long as it is directed at Putin the Terrible, is not just acceptable but an absolute political/ethical necessity. In no other context would the champion of bourgeois politically respectable punditry, the Financial Times, permit such a breech of it’s own conception of etiquette!

The turning point of this political melodrama was reached after the Ukrainian Coup has so miserably, ignominiously failed: the misbegotten product of American/EU political adventurism, that has proven the Foreign Policy competence of Nuland,Rice and Power to be nonexistent, and by definition President Obama. The billions wasted, the lives lost, mere bagatelles in the pursuit of NATO’s hegemonic encirclement fantasy.

Political Observer

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