Mr. Luce on Garcia vs Emanuel, an observation by Political Skeptic

Title Mr. Luce’s essay A Maladroit Apology for Neo-Liberalism with Mayor Emanuel as the main character, seeking to overcome the Neo-Marxist Syriza stand-in Mr Garcia. Some American Political Melodramas have been built on lesser foundations, many of them authored by Financial Times pundits.
Mr. Garcia is here not just a Syriza stand-in: a rabid anti-capitalist, but a creature of the machine politics of the Daily Dynasty and of the utterly corrupt Public Sector Unions (Teachers Unions have met the Mayor’s wrath) allied to that insidious machine. In a less overheated rhetorical key, Mr. Garcia has more in common with New Dealer Elizabeth Warren than with the with the Greek anti-austerity party. Perhaps, Mr. Luce in his role as dramaturge seeks to heighten the dramatic antithesis?
The pressing question: Who will save Chicago? Mr.Luce frames the question with the appropriate foreboding of the perennial idee fixe of Neo-Liberal pundits. Mr. Luce in his political ardor forgets to include among the Mayors supporters the Charter School entrepreneurs whose experiments in privatized ‘public education’ has proven to be a ‘Free Market’ crime spree.

Political Skeptic

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