Putinology, Kremlinology, the Ukranian Coup and the murder of Nemtsov : a speculation by Political Skeptic

Putinology has replaced the Kremlinology of the Old Cold War, and it is just as unreliable: Strobe Talbott at Brookings is an experienced practitioner of those black arts, old and new! This political theology is framed in the shopworn vocabulary of political moralizing. The New Cold War rhetoric is fueled by righteous indignation, allied with jingoist apologetics for the Ukrainian Coup of 2014: Nuland, Pyatt, Rice and Power fueled by billions of tax dollars sponsored/nurtured the uprising and it’s faltering aftermath.With President Obama acting as accessory, before and after the fact.

What does dissident Nemtsov’s assassination have to do with American/EU murderous political adventurism in Ukraine? That is a question the Financial Times will not ask, instead, like a great many respectable Western publications, it will follow the Party Line of Putin as the New Stalin: a monster who only understands the language of violence. World War III  beckons !

Political Skeptic


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