Barry Eisler, Sen. Feinstein and the Mafia: A comment by Political Observer

Mr. Eisler’s essay wastes valuable space and time by pursuing the Mafia/Godfather/Sopranos theme, as rhetorical frame for his essay. He has some valuable observations to share with his readers, yet we must suffer through his pop culture obsession, that don’t particularly illuminate. But it rather obscures the motives of Senator Feinstein, for her attack and puzzling demand for an apology, on the National Security State operatives who have spied on her and her committee.
I live and vote in California, and I’ve watched as the Senator became a replacement for Jane Harmon’s National Security State Lap Dog. Her alliance with Sen. Saxby Chambliss, stands as proof of her collabo mentality, as they both parroted and kowtowed to agencies that Sen. Feinstein now attacks. Sen. Feinstein is a creature of the mob, to put it inelegantly, not to speak of crudely. From my perspective, Sen. Feinstein needs very badly to rescue herself from the public perception that she is a lapdog, and her way of backhandedly accomplishing that  is the aforementioned speech and demand for an apology. It isn’t quite as Mr. Eisler makes it to be, the assertion that even the Mafia has a ‘code of ethics’ reeks of vulgar Hollywood melodrama. It sells movies and in this case sells papers and or internet hits. But Sen. Feinstein’s problem is much simpler, it’s purpose is to demonstrate to her constituents that she is somehow above political reproach.

Political Observer

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