James Kichick: Stunned Europe and Reckless Russia , a comment by Political Cynic

After the spade work done by Victoria Nuland, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy , and various NGO’s to overthrow a corrupt, but duly elected government in Urkaine: better to call it by it’s real name, a coup fostered and paid for by the EU and American money. Mr. Kirchick drops his impersonation of James O’Keefe, in his near comic turn at RT headquarters, and reverts to type: Neo-Conservative political nihilism: fomenting discord as a prelude to war.
View Mr. Kichick’s essay , ( The full title gives the game away: Europe, Stunned by Reckless Russia, Mistrusts Feckless Ukrainian Leaders,The staid European Union is finding it hard to come to grips with Russia’s rule-changing, game-changing behavior) as successor to Mr. Ross Douthat’s mildly hysterical essay in the New York Times of March 22, 1014 titled Russia without Illusions. A telling quote from the Douthat essay:

‘The key here is balance — recognizing that Russia is weak and dangerous at once, that the West has been both too naïve about Putin’s intentions and too incautious in its own commitments, and that a new containment need not require a new Cold War.’

The ‘New Containment’ and ‘New Cold War’ are simply milder forms of Neo-Conservatism i.e. as the senility of a particular branch of Cold War Liberalism. Mr. Kirchick is simply the second generation of that destructive political blight,who is more than willing to sacrifice the lives of anyone but himself to his notion of freedom

Political Cynic  

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