On ‘Putin’s Arrow’: A comment by Political Realist

The New Cold War and the New Containment were trumpeted by Mr. Ross Douthat in the New York Times of last weekend, Russia Without Illusions, but only as minor players in his weekly column, and then only as a declaration of their potential political unreality, Douthat irony? Little did he realize that The Economist would prove him right/wrong with it’s Russian revanchism cartoon and it’s undisguised hysteria mongering narration:
Putin’s Arrow takes the hysteria mongering to a new level as the IMF is poised to ‘lend’ how many billions to Ukraine, as prelude to looting that country, posing as a necessary ‘Austerity Program’. And please don’t forget that that mortgage includes the basing of NATO missiles at Russia’s back door. How can one expect Putin to countenance that. The Russian Bear is back, indeed. In response to the active subversion of Neo-Con Victoria Nuland and her R2P Neo-Liberal allies: Samantha Power and her sidekick Michael Ignatieff. What 5 billion dollars can buy these days is a warmed over Cold War, although it’s decaying corpse reeks of Neo-Con bellicose nostalgia.
Even readers like Courtjester is his biting polemic makes clear that the propaganda just won’t wash. The new American Party Line is the same shopworn exceptionalism, aided and abetted in this instance by The Economist.

And please notice the Putin’s Arrow,  Mars and Venus mentions are the rhetorical frame that dovetail with this utterly convenient anonymous quote: ‘Europeans are not from Venus. They are from Pluto—as in plutocrats who are only interested in making money from Russia,” was the scathing comment of one hawk.’

Political Realist


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