Sanctions and the fate of Globalism/Neo-Liberalism.

Political Observer’s sketch.

Its as if the concepts/practices/institutionalized twins of Globalism/Neo-Liberalism, will now be partially dismantled, in the name of Anti-Russian Hysteria: favored @TheEconmist, @FT, @bopinion , @NYT, & other Corporate apologists like @gideonrachman, @martinwolf_ ? The very fate of that Post War bulwark, against Soviet revanchism, the ‘Common Market’ , a coal and steel cartel, and its Technocrat Supreme Jean Monnet, that ‘evolved’ into the teetering E.U., might be sacrificed on the pyre of Sanctions?

Even the facts that Europe is still dependent on Russian gas, or that the ruble is strong, doesn’t factor into the policy decisions, of the Neo-Cons advisors of Biden: Antony Blinken, Wendy Sherman, Victoria Nuland, Jake Sullivan? Or that Biden’s own utterly obvious ‘cognitive deficit’, to speak in the patois of bourgeoise political commentary- or the fact that the New Democrat’s redoubtable hawk, Senator Diane Feinstein, whose own ‘cognitive deficit’ has become a topic of discussion…

Political Observer

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Rootless cosmopolitan,down at heels intellectual;would be writer. 'Polemic is a discourse of conflict, whose effect depends on a delicate balance between the requirements of truth and the enticements of anger, the duty to argue and the zest to inflame. Its rhetoric allows, even enforces, a certain figurative licence. Like epitaphs in Johnson’s adage, it is not under oath.'
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