The tireless self-promoter Mr. Fukuyama! A comment by Political Observer.

Mr. Fukuyama was never a ‘Conservative’, as announced in the link to this interview, but a Staussian i.e. a Neo-Conservative, and a maladroit plagiarist of Hegel. He , in his 2013 essay ‘The Decline of American Political Institutions’ attacks the meliorism of the whole of the American Politics of the 20th Century ! This was not ‘Conservatism’ using the most capacious practice of an attempt at measurement.

His career as Political Seer is built upon ‘Straussian Principals’ the misbegotten child of Leo Strauss’ attempt to rewrite the History of Philosophy. Strauss held the key to the divination of that Tradition, all else were mere pretenders. Mr. Fukuyama is still trading on that Staussian Revelation.

Political Observer

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